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I have to tell someone.....My pants fit better!


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After three agonizing days of gas, Day 12 has given me a non scale victory of Pants feeling lose!!! I am DYING to get on the scale but I now know how destructive  that is and I am avoiding it. I stand and stare in the mirror for a glimmer of change. Today fresh out of the drier my pants went on, zipped up comfortably.


I had to share with someone. Not many people know i am doing the whole30, just my hubby. I have tried and failed at many plans and I didn't want to be embarrassed with yet another failure. I am committed not to let myself down this time.


I recently also had an epiphany this plan about, me....only me....no one else matters! It's all about me getting healthy.   I don't need to tell the world what I'm doing. I will let them know what I did to feel fabulous, when they tell me I look fabulous!!! :):D:P


Sharing success is great for the soul!


Go ahead and move this if need be!

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KarynKAT -


No one else matters but YOU!!!!  


Don't get on the scale, it won't be worth it because you'll have to start all over again!


Every day I look in the mirror and say, hmmm something looks different.  Every day I wonder what it is.  Since January 5th of this year I've lost 26 lbs.  That's a lot of weight for someone just 5'3".  My husband has noticed because he embraces me every day.  Has my family noticed? No - because I've lost and gained these pounds many times over the past 20 years.  Do I care any more what other people see?  No.


Do this for YOU!  Feel wonderful about YOU!  Nobody in the world matters but YOU!!


Keep going and keep us posted.

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