Storing coconut aminos?


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This morning we took a recently-purchased, open but tightly capped bottle of coconut aminos out of the pantry and found mold floating on the top of the liquid. The bottle says refrigeration is not needed (though bubbles may result from continued fermentation). It has been cool here since having purchased the aminos, and they were stored inside a cabinet.

I guess I'll keep the coconut aminos in the fridge from now on. How do others store them?

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Bummer that you've had 2 bottles go bad!

I should have taken my bottle back to the store where I purchased it, but didn't think of that before dumping it.

There is a recall issued by Coconut Secret for Coconut Aminos. The recall notice refers to "white floaters" that are "visually unappealing", and fizziness, which was discussed in another post here. What I saw on the liquid in my bottle was green and white mold which appeared a few days after opening the bottle. Hmmmm.

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