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Day 31 - Lessons Learned


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Good morning !


Sometime in mid April, my dear husband came home and declared he was doing the Whole30 in May. That was my queue to do research and figure it out. 

I read all the rules and giggled that my husband had no idea what a Whole30 really entailed.  The only issue I had was giving up my wine. I thought that if I couldn't give wine up for 30 days, that was indicative of a different problem, so up go the big girl panties and a start date is selected. 


My husband and I started our Whole30 on May 4th. I do all the shopping, prepping, label reading and cooking. My husband would have quit if he had to try and manage the program while working.


Lessons learned:


1. I should have measured myself prior to starting , but major self esteem issues prevented it. We did weigh before/after and I lost 7 pounds and my husband lost 9. 

2. Clothes fit better

3. No more puffy face.

4. Feel more at peace ( our only child died a year and a half ago and the grief has been overwhelming. he was only 24). I am more in tune with my feelings and am more stable. 

5. Still hate sweet potatoes (unless they are fried drizzled with honey). So perhaps it's not the sweet potato I like. 

6. It was not hard. See number 4, that was hard. 

7. I realized that everything I put in my mouth is my choice. No one makes me eat/drink anything. 


I am grateful that my husband declared he wanted to do a Whole30. 

Thank you to the wonderful moderators who provide great inspiration and support. 



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Congratulations!!!! It sounds as though we have similar husbands ;)  the biggest difference in that regard, what that by week 2, husband was sharing everything.  I too, didn't weigh or measure myself but by day 30, I'd dropped 2 pant sizes and my face looked more well rested, whether I was or not.


Are you continuing.

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