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Rachel's Second Whole30 Journey


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Day 0


I am officially starting my second Whole30 tomorrow on June 4! The first time I did Whole30, I did not join the forum and keep a log, and I wasn't as strict as I should've been, so I'm very excited to see where this second journey takes me! I just recently returned from a semester in New Zealand where I enjoyed my fair share of candy and ice cream, but was also eating fresh fruit and vegetables grown nearby and eating meat from local farms. However, I've been a life long addict of food and often use food as an emotional crutch. I look forward to what more I might learn about my relationship with food over the next 30 days!


A little more info about me: Since the 5th grade, I have been consistently gaining weight. I plateaued for awhile in high school, but I began gaining weight again when I started college (I am about to enter my junior year). I have also struggled for a long time with low energy and mood swings. When I was in 7th grade, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was immediately put on medication that helped a lot with the energy and mood issues, but not any of my weight issues. My levels have been steady for awhile but could definitely be better, and I would love to be put on a lower dose of medication. My activity levels vary, but I am usually pretty good about staying active. My biggest problem is definitely food--I am an emotional eater, and I occasionally binge which always makes me feel terrible after.


What I hope to get out of this second Whole30 is to regain control over my diet, which will hopefully carry over into improving some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I'm tired of being a slave to my cravings!


Excited for this new start! :)

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Day 1 Log


Breakfast: Egg, tomato, and spinach quiche with sweet potato hash


Lunch: Chocolate chili w/ avocado and blueberries and cantaloupe


Dinner: Smoked chicken salad with avocado, red onion, cucumber, mango, and lemon olive oil, zucchini soup with a drizzle of sesame seed oil, and a lemon lime lacroix


A very yummy first day! I was tempted to do some late night snacking, but I knew that was a bad habit I needed to end. I know it only gets harder from here on out, but I am enjoying it so far!

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Day 2


Forgot to post this last night!


Breakfast: Egg over bed of sweet potato hash with spinach, black coffee


Lunch: Leftover salad from dinner of Day 1, zucchini soup, toasted coconut chips, kombucha


Dinner: Thai Basil Beef drizzled with homemade coconut amines, and homemade sweet potato fries with homemade mayo


Overall on day 2, I felt pretty good. I guess I was pretty tired but that could just be from work. I was pretty full all day, and I didn't even finish my entire lunch! However the one strange thing I noticed (might be TMI) was that at night I found I had some spotting even though I'm not supposed to get my period for two more weeks? It seems to have stopped today though. Has this happened to anyone else?


Today has already been pretty hectic because I had to drive my friend to the airport at 6am, and then I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 11am. On top of that, my stomach was really upset this morning!! With my schedule all thrown off, I'm not sure how my meals will go today, but I will do my best!

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Day 3


As I mentioned above, today was pretty hectic and my friends wanted to go out to dinner, but I was able to stick to the plan! I had a headache today, was a bit groggy, and in a bit of a bad mood but overall it wasn't too bad! Breakfast was a bit off this morning because I went back to bed after I drove my friend from the airport, but my stomach had been hurting really bad because I took medicine on an empty stomach, so I quickly grabbed whatever I could find to make my stomach feel better before I went back to sleep!


Breakfast: Two pieces of prosciutto and half of a banana (I know, it's not great)


Lunch: Two applegate hot dogs with carrots and guacamole


Dinner: Grilled ribeye with mushroom chipotle salsa, guacamole, and veggies (Mexican restaurant)


During the day, I also had a coconut water, two iced teas, and a lime LaCroix

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Day 4


Overall today I felt pretty good! I started the day off with hot yoga in the morning, and it was amazing! I felt great! During the day as I was hanging out with some friends I definitely encountered some intense sugar cravings but I was able to fight off the sugar dragon. Also, I ran into a little issue with lunch because I was out with friends...I'm realizing my friends's love for going out to eat is making Whole30 a little more difficult. 


Post-wo: Leftover thai basil beef


Breakfast/Lunch (brunch basically): two poached eggs over sweet potatoes with spinach, tomato, and prosciutto.


Lunch/snack: a couple pieces of prosciutto and kombucha (I know, I know, not great. This way when I was out with friends and had to improvise. Also I wasn't very hungry after brunch)


Dinner: four deviled eggs (made with homemade mayo), lamb burger with mustard, tomatoes, lettuces, and avocado. 


What really threw me off today was trying to find time to include the post-workout snack and breakfast. I didn't wake up early enough to eat before yoga, and then when I came back I had to quickly throw something together before my friends came to pick me up...along with finding something for a post-workout snack. Tomorrow, I'm going on a work trip for two days, and I'm extremely worried about trying to find something to eat on the road. I'm bringing some snacks that will work for the car ride, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do for dinner. I'm also a bit concerned about what my coworkers might say about what I'm eating.


Wish me luck!

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Day 5 & 6


WOW what crazy and stressful last two days! I got back from my work trip today, and boy was it hard sticking to whole30...but I did it! Being that it was my first work trip ever, I really was not sure how it worked in terms of meals, but I knew I would be stuck going to wherever my other two male coworkers wanted to go since we had only one car. In preparation for that, I brought a cooler full of whole30 compliant snacks (guacamole, jicama sticks, almond butter, apple slices, bananas, carrots, tuna, kombucha, and coconut water). For lunch the first we stopped at Chipotle, which wasn't too bad because I had read in the forum that the carnitas are compliant, so I got a salad with carnitas, salsa, and guacamole (even though I thought I'd miss my typical burrito bowl...the salad was pretty good!). 


Dinner was another source of stress because my coworkers had been talking about wanting to order pizza for dinner. Eventually though I spoke up, even though I was embarrassed, and told them that I'd be fine just eating the food I had brought because I was trying to eat healthy. It really wasn't that bad, they were super understanding! If anything, they were just concerned I wouldn't have enough to eat. But I actually got very full eating some of the food I brought, and though I know it wasn't the perfect whole30 meal, I was super proud that I was able to stay compliant and not give into the temptation of pizza with my coworkers!


The next morning, we started work at 5:30 am. I didn't have a lot of options in terms of food that was available, so I settled for some carrots and a banana. It held me over for awhile, but not surprisingly I was super hungry by around 9am. We began our trip home around 10:30am, but the only stop we made was at a gas station (where I was very tempted by all the donuts and Wisconsin cheese they were promoting) so I couldn't get anything compliant for lunch. My coworkers got to eat their leftover pizza. 


When I finally got home, I was absolutely starving while also completely exhausted. Even though I could barely keep my eyes open, I quickly cooked 2 applegate hotdogs. While waiting for the hotdogs to cook (since I was almost shaking from hunger), I ate two slices of prosciutto. At this point I was just interested in getting something compliant in my stomach as quick as possible, so unfortunately that didn't include any vegetables since I was unable to rummage anything up. As soon as I ate my hot dogs, I took an hour and a half nap. After my nap, I heated up a lamb burger from Sunday, and ate a big bowl of cauliflower (to make up for the lack of vegetables at lunch). Only ate about half the burger. I then went to a restorative yoga class in order to relieve the stress from my trip--I felt amazing after!


Overall, I feel like my meal schedule got super messed up by my trip, but luckily things will be back to normal tomorrow. The important thing for me is that I was able to stay compliant, even when I was stressed and on the road! Crazy I've been doing this for almost a week now!

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Feeling exhausted today, and I am also experiencing some nausea. I tried to eat this delicious breakfast I made this morning, but I had no appetite and when I tried to take a bite I felt sick. Not sure what's going on. :(

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Day 7

Yesterday was bit of a whirlwind! In the morning, as I mentioned before, I felt so sick and could not eat breakfast. I almost considered leaving work! But I made myself eat some coconut chips, and around noon I started to feel so much better. Once I had lunch, I was back to my old self! I'm so happy I made it through my first week!


Breakfast: skipped, but had some toasted coconut chips around 10am


Lunch: Turkey and prosciutto rolls, salad with tomato, red onion, and red peppers w/ olive oil and pepper dressing


In Between Meal: less than half of a potbelly's farmhouse salad without the cheese and with no dressing


Dinner: Spaghetti squash w/ homemade tomato sauce and a meatball (SOOOOO GOOD), homemade sweet potato fries with homemade mayo


The reason why I had an in between meal because after work I met some friends and went to a drag show! It was amazing, we got to meet all the season 7 queens from RuPaul's Drag Race.  They were all so nice, and I actually had my first NSV with one of them! One of the queens, Miss Fame, told me I had the prettiest color eyes! After my friends told me that they had noticed my eyes were much brighter than usual! Yay! The only downside to going to the drag show was that my friends wanted to get a quick dinner afterwards, but they didn't want to go to any of the places I suggested so we went to Potbelly. Of course there was nothing for me to really eat, but I did have some of the Farmhouse salad to hold me over. I didn't get home until 10:30 which is when I had my official "dinner" which was DELICIOUS! I am OBSESSED with spaghetti squash now! Definitely going to be eating that instead of regular spaghetti after my whole30 is over!

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Day 8

The day started off pretty good! I had a hard time getting out of bed, but once I began getting ready I started feeling more awake. However, around two o'clock  started to crash, and practically fell asleep at my desk! Two apple slices and a little coffee woke me back up luckily! Overall the day was fine, and I went to another restorative yoga class since I had a stressful day. Hoping to start ramping up my exercise routine this weekend with some more high energy and difficult classes!


Breakfast: An omelet with smoked salmon and green onion sauce (YUM!) Lemon ginger tea once I got to work.


Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash with a homemade meatball, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, guacamole, and a coconut water


Dinner: Buffalo chicken tenders with homemade paleo "ranch" dip (AMAZING!), green beans, and a LaCroix

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Day 9

Yesterday was a pretty good day! I felt fine overall, but I noticed I was going to the bathroom a lot! Also, towards the end of the day I got a bit cranky and irritated for no reason. My friend did say to me though that my eyes looked a lot brighter which was nice! One obstacle yesterday was after my friends and I went to see a musical, they wanted to get food at this diner. I knew that there would be nothing for me to eat so I just drank water. However, the experience left me hungry and craving, so I gave in and made some sweet potato fries when I got home. I was really trying to stay away from the late night snacking! On the bright side, at least I stayed compliant. 


Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon


Lunch: Prosciutto turkey rolls, jicama with guacamole, spaghetti squash with tomatoes 


Dinner: (I was unexpectedly rushed) Three applegate hot dogs and baby carrots w/ guacamole


Snack: Sweet potato fries with homemade mayo

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Day 10

Today was a good day! Haven't really been experiencing any of the "effects" yet, but I'm patient and overall feeling pretty great! Went to a yoga sculpt class which was soooo hard, but it felt great afterwards!


Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with avocado, sweet potato, and chicken sausage. Only ate half of it though because I didn't want to have a full stomach before yoga sculpt. 


Post-Workout Meal: The rest of my breakfast


Lunch: Zucchini soup and a few coconut chips


Dinner: Paleo buffalo chicken nuggets with pale "ranch" dip, celery, kombucha

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Day 11

What a relaxing sunday! I'm honestly starting to really enjoy being my second whole30...more than the first time I think! The more I cook for myself and do my own shopping, the more I enjoy it which is surprising! Anyways, I started the day off with yoga, and then I got a massage as a reward for getting through my first week of whole30 and for getting my first paycheck at my new job! The massage was a much better reward then any kind of food (although also more expensive haha)! A great weekend, and I'm looking forward to the week.


Pre-wo: One leftover buffalo chicken nugget and a small piece of proscuitto


Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with avocado and hot sauce, carrots


Lunch: Leftover buffalo chicken nuggets with homemade paleo ranch and celery


Dinner: Burger with lettuce, compliant brown mustard, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato fries with homemade paleo ranch


Tomorrow I'm having friends over to watch the Blackhawks game (who will hopefully win the stanley cup!), and I'm making the paleo buffalo chicken nuggets and some other whole30 snacks for them! They are actually really excited about it, especially since one of them is allergic to gluten and another is also doing whole30! I'm excited to see how it goes!


Bring on the week!

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Day 12

Woke up soooo tired this morning, I could barely get myself out of bed! I think I need to start going to be earlier (went to bed around 10:20 last night, woke up at 6am), but as a college student I'm hard-wired for late nights! Oh well, I'll force myself. I will say that I've been feeling a lot lighter lately and less self-conscious. Also, my mood has been a lot steadier, I feel a lot more positive, and my skin has been clearing up even though I am PMS-ing! However, my allergies seem to be getting worse (they were getting better before I started whole30), but they are to my cat (not seasonal) so I'm not sure if whole30 would affect that at all.


Anyways, tonight I am hosting my friends to watch the Blackhawks game! I'm super excited because I will be serving them whole30 compliant food, and I can't wait for them to see how good it is! Can't wait!


Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon (probs need to add more veggies to breakfast)


Lunch: Zucchini soup, two pieces of prosciutto, sugar snap peas and carrots with guacamole


Dinner: Buffalo chicken nuggets w/ paleo ranch, sweet potato fries, celery and carrots (I've been having the nuggets a lot lately, and will stop soon. Main reason I'm having them tonight is because of the game and I wanted my friends to try them)


Hitting up a yoga class right before the game starts, so it will be a tight squeeze but its sooo worth it. I can't believe how obsessed I'm becoming with yoga! Will probably have to start switching up my routine with other forms of exercise, but for now I love it!

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OH I forgot to mention, with my allergies I've been waking up in the morning with at least one eye severely swollen and itchy and sometimes I have a red bump underneath my eyelid. Swelling typically goes down during the day, and itching stops (may start up again before bed though). In the past, its usually been a combo of itchy eyes and a badly stuffed or runny nose, but I haven't been having any of the nose stuff lately.

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I had my first food dream last night!!! It was a bit complicated, but the dream ended with me at a friends house eating one of my mom's chocolate chip cookies. It tasted DELICIOUS but all of a sudden in my dream I remembered I was doing whole30 and couldn't eat cookies and felt super guilty! Even though I was guilty, I kept telling myself it was okay because it was an honest mistake hahaha! So weird.


Today is a good day because the sun is out and THE HAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP!! I stayed up pretty late watching the game, but funny enough I'm way less tired than I was yesterday! I don't think I'll even need coffee today!

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Day 13

Yesterday started out great, but the day ended up being pretty rough. I'm living at home for the summer, and I got into a huge fight with my dad over the dumbest thing (worst fight we've had in a long time). My dad and I have never gotten along, and he can be verbally abusive so it was pretty ugly. Throughout my entire whole30 my dad has been very unsupportive-- he's always telling me that it would be cheaper and more effective for me to just eat half of everything (he's never even looked at the website). It's just hard being at home and trying to do the whole30 because even though I have more resources at home, it is a very negative and judgemental environment.


On the plus side, in the past when I get into fights with my dad, I always turn to some kind of food in order to make me feel better, but I had no urge to do that this time!! Instead, I went to yoga to clear my mind and spent some time with friends.


My dinner was once again buffalo chicken nuggets because the fight happened just as I was starting to eat my dinner, so I left before finishing it and my dad threw it away. When I got home around 10, I just found leftovers to eat.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon


Lunch: Buffalo chicken nuggets w/ homemade ranch, baby carrots, celery, zucchini sticks, dehydrated strawberries


Dinner: Buffalo chicken nuggets w/ homemade ranch, sweet potato fries


Feeling a bit down today, but I'm a lot less angry then I'd normally be. I don't really want to go home tonight, but at least I'll have some Kalua pork waiting for me!

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Day 14

Well, its been two weeks, and I'm almost halfway there! But I've been feeling very down, and not content with how things are going in my life. My relationship with both my parents is deteriorating...I seem to have a habit of self sabotage and pushing people away. The one good thing is that I've been compliant throughout all of this, but really I don't feel that much different. Tomorrow is going to be extremely stressful, and I might end up having to eat out for dinner so we'll see how it goes 


Breakfast: Over slept so I had to make something quick: one scrambled egg, spaghetti squash, two pieces of proscuitto


Lunch: Spaghetti squash with tomatos, basil, olive oil, lemon salt, and celery and carrots with guacamole, and coconut chips


Dinner: Two kalua pork lettuce wraps with raddishes, green onion, hot sauce, mayo, and coconut amino. Also a Kombucha

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Day 15

HALFWAY THERE!!!! Although to be honest, I don't want this to be almost over! I have almost no desire to go back to the way I was eating! Yesterday ended up not being as stressful as I thought it would be. We got to watch the Blackhawks parade from my office which was fun! I also hit up another Yoga Sculpt class which was crazy hard!


Breakfast: Fried egg w/ sweet potato and kalua pork hash


Lunch: Two kalua pork lettuce wraps with coconut aminos, raddish, and green onion, and dehydrated bananas and strawberries


Pre-wo: A couple pieces of prosciutto and a little avocado


Yoga sculpt from 6-7pm


Dinner/Po-wo: Spaghetti squash with homemade marinara, and two soft shell crabs coated in almond flour and flax with olive oil, lemon, and capers (I ate more than I usually would to make up for the lack of a po-wo snack)


Overall it was a really delicious day! Today (day 16), I'm feeling a lot more positive and happy! Not sure I've got any of the "tiger blood" yet but waking up this morning was definitely easier, and I've found that I have a lot more energy to work out after work!


Hoping to start ramping up my workouts and including some more HITT and strength and conditioning but I'm not sure where to start with that...any suggestions?

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Okay so I got inspired to write a random post since I am bored at work! I was just thinking about my 1st whole30 (which was this past Jan), and how different my second whole30 is. The first time I did it, I was so flexible with it and allowed myself to cheat on "special occasions" and I really didn't always take the time to check to see if what I was eating was compliant, and I had a "so what, it doesn't matter" attitude about the whole thing (so to be honest it wasn't really a whole30)...I didn't even complete the 30 days (I quit the day I flew to NZ...about day 27). So I was trying to think about why this whole30 is so much better and different from the first...I think its a few things:


1. I was thinking about the short-term instead of the long-term.  The whole reason I embarked on whole30 the first time was because my mom was pressuring me to get healthy, and I wanted to get in shape for my trip to New Zealand. While I wanted to be healthy, I wasn't doing it for me and I wasn't trying to change my relationship with food...I just wanted a quick fix. Even though I don't have an event to work towards this time, I am doing this for my overall health and I've been thinking more about the future and how to incorporate whole30 eating habits into to my regular lifestyle.


2. I joined the forum. Last time I never even LOOKED at the forum...I didn't want anything to do with it! Really I'm not sure why, but now that I've joined the forum I feel more accountable and I've found it an amazing resource for any question or problem I've had. I also love reading other people's stories because they are so honest and inspiring!


3. I stopped thinking about food as an "event" or a "reward". I think this is the big one...and it took a huge shift in my mindset. Throughout high school and now college, I always treated eating as something to do instead of a way to fuel your body. For background: I live in a suburb where really all there is to do is go out to restaurants and eat! When my friends and I get bored, we go out to eat. Most of the time we're not even hungry-- just bored! It was also a reward for me, so if I had just taken a really hard test or had a rough week I would treat myself to some kind of food. It took me until now to realize how ridiculous that is, because really all I was doing was punishing myself and making things worse for me!


Its the same thing with using food to celebrate (during my first whole30, the first time I cheated was on New Years Eve). These celebrations shouldn't be about the food-- they should be about the people who you are with and who you love!! The fact that I might not get to have champagne on New Years or eat cake on 4th of July shouldn't change whether or not I enjoyed the celebration with my family and friends! That's just plain stupid in my opinion. As I said before, most of my activities with my friends involve eating, but this whole30 forced me to change that. Instead, we now go mini-golfing, see a play or a movie, play games, go on walks, try new exercise classes, or just hang out at someone's house and enjoy each others company. NOW the focus is on spending time with my friends and not on what I eat with them...and in a way that's pretty freeing.


This doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy going to an incredible restaurant ever again, or that I will never have cake on another birthday! All it means is that now the focus for me is going to be enjoying time spent with family and friends...not simply just enjoying the food. There is much more out there in the world than food...and one of those things is people!! I know that seems pretty obvious but it took me until now to see that.


Okay my rant is over. I am just so happy with this second whole30 and I am excited for the future!


Have an amazing day :)

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Day 16

Great day! Its crazy almost all my cravings are gone! I went to Baker's Square with my friends (and ate nothing because I already had dinner), and was completely fine when they got pie. To be honest, I didn't even want it. I felt full and content all day. Also I went to a yoga class with live music, and it was really relaxing and challenging!


M1: Egg omelette with smoked salmon and green onion sauce


M2: Same as dinner last night, but only one crab. Also sugar snap peas, carrots, and radishes with guacamole.


Po-Wo: Piece of prosciutto and then extra sweet potatoes with dinner (had dinner almost immediately after yoga)


M3: Steak with mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli; kombucha

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Day 17

Went out to brunch with my friends today, and it wasn't too stressful! I always put on shorts I haven't worn in a week, and they felt loser! Yay! I didn't really have any cravings today until I was at steak and shake with my friends and my friend's burger looked soooo good (I would never have eaten that in real life). 


M1: Two scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and carrots


M2: Steak and poached eggs with a salad 


Went to my cousin's grad party at 4 and had a few carrots and celery sticks there.


M3: Burger with lettuce, mustard, hot sauce, avocado, and tomato. Sweet potato wedges with mayo.

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Day 18

Yesterday got a bit thrown off because I woke up at 11:40!!!! I NEVER sleep that late, but I guess I needed it. I didn't even stay up that late the night before. Well anyways, I hit up a restorative yoga class at 1. My meals were all thrown off though because I woke up so late, but I did my best.


M1: Small slice of egg frittata with vegetables, potatoes, and sausage.


M2: Same thing as M1 but a bigger slice


I tried to get a meal in here to make up for a small M1 but I forgot :(


M3: Buffalo chicken tenders with paleo ranch and celery


Okay so I think the buffalo chicken tenders might be a FWNB for me...which sucks because they are so good. Also my stomach was kinda upset after eating them for some reason. I'm going to finish the leftovers for lunch because I'm not okay with wasting food, and then I'm not going to cook them again for awhile. I really really wanted to eat more of the chicken tenders around 10pm even though I wasn't really hungry...I think this might have been partially because I really only had 2 meals that day and so my cravings kicked in full force in retribution for only eating 2 meals. Now I realize the importance of 3 meals a day!


Today is day 19!!! I really really don't want this to be over :( I'm starting to consider extending this into July until my cousins wedding. However, I'm not sure if I should do the reintros after 30 days, and then go back to doing a whole30 until the wedding, or if I should wait until 10 days before my cousins wedding to start doing the reintros...any advice about that?


Have a great day everyone :)

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So I ate the leftover buffalo chicken tenders for lunch, and I got an upset stomach again! Both last night and today I got diarrhea (sorry if that's TMI). I do not get why I'm having this reaction, but I'm definitely gonna stop eating them! I did start taking magnesium last night, but I took that after I got the upset stomach last night so I doubt it was that. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?




p.s. here is the recipe...also I used the paleo ranch dipping sauce. http://paleospirit.com/2013/paleo-buffalo-chicken-nuggets/

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Day 19


Had some digestive issues today, so I think I'm going to try taking less magnesium tonight. I posted in troubleshooting about issues in my yoga sculpt class, but I took it easier in class today and made sure I stood up slowly, and I ate a full meal with lots of sodium, starch, and potassium...it went so much better! I felt great the whole time. 


Breakfast: Sweet potato frittata with lots of veggies.


Lunch: Leftover buffalo chicken tenders, paleo ranch, and a big bag of carrots, radishes, and celery. Coconut water


Dinner/Pre-wo: Gyro meatballs in a lettuce wrap with tomatoes and avocado tahini sauce (two/three meatballs in each wrap, two wraps), and a half of a sweet potato


Post-wo: Three gyro meatballs and the rest of the sweet potato with avocado tahini sauce. Kombucha

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