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Hi everyone, 


This is my first time trying this challenge. I am currently in between jobs, and felt like i have enough time to plan, and create healthier habits and overall lifestyle for myself so that when life gets crazy again, I will (hopefully) have a good foundation in place. I have tried cutting certain things like dairy or gluten out of my diet before, and failed- mostly because I did not have enough time to thoroughly read labels and plan and prepare meals throughout the week with the job I was working. Not to mention, I was stressed and just wanted the food I want to eat. After reading this, I truly hope that I will not have cravings for those foods anymore. (I am a sucker for cookies, bread, and mashed potatoes-not together of course!)


I am concerned because I was not raised a super-healthy eater, and I am very picky when it comes to vegetables. I don't really like many of them. However, I am willing to try them. I just feel that this may raise a problem in sticking with a program for 30 days.


Also, my fiance lives with me, and loves to eat his Cheezits and chips, and junk food, and the pantry will be stocked with all this because he is very thin and is not interested in doing this challenge with me. This makes me a little nervous, however, as it is, I do not really eat his junk snacks anyway.


I found it took me a long time planning meals for a week (partly because I am a picky eater), and I am considering just repeating my weekly meal plan for the next 4 weeks so I do not have to reinvent the wheel every time.


Any tips or recipes for a picky eater would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you and good luck to all the other Newbies like me! :)

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First, stop saying you're a picky eater. Instead, tell yourself that you are an open-minded, adventurous eater on a mission to find all the vegetables that you do like, and that you will try new vegetables regularly. I know it sounds corny, but the things we say about ourselves do affect how we act.


What vegetables do you like, and how do you like them prepared? (How they're prepared is really important -- you may hate a vegetable raw but love it roasted, or think it's gross when it's steamed, but love it sautéed -- the cooking affects the texture and the flavor and can make something taste completely different.)


If I were suggesting vegetable dishes to try for a non-vegetable lover, I'd go with this Velvety Butternut Squash  or this Sweet & Salty Broccoli Salad (if you can find compliant bacon and raisins) or this Belly Dance Beet Salad.


I'd also say that almost all vegetables, especially the heartier vegetables like root vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes, are best roasted. Exceptions, at least in my opinion, include zucchini and summer squash, which I tend to sauté or grill -- although some people love them roasted, so who knows, you may too.

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