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Here we go!!!!

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Boo bloat! Do you have any probiotic sources (fermented foods, ha!) in your diet? Remember that the colony of friends in your gut is not used to eating this way, and sometimes we have to recruit friends to get the old standbys in lien with the new way of doing things. I try to get sauerkraut or fermented pickels in everyday, for specifically that reason, and I am less bloated and, um, windy, than I was before.


My fermenting seems to be proceeding, no taste testing yet, but encouraging burbles and changing smells. The mayo is, well, mayo, and I am remembering that I really am not a fan of white creamy condiments, so will probably not remake. No spoilage or changes in either tiny sample, and no ER visits, so, yay!


I hope today is going better LisaMarie, and that you have a song in your mouth/head/heart that resonates with you. This morning I have "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode making the rounds.


I feel like I'm doing creepily well, with the exception of some ileocecal reflux yesterday afternoon that was probably coffee related :( Sigh, back to tea for me. As a NSV, my alarm clock hasn't gone off all week, even on my late day when I can sleep in an hour later, I was awake by 0515 and up before 0530. Yay? Also, why does salad take to darn logn to eat. I had one with my scotch egg for breakfast instead of the normal leftover veggies from dinner/earlier, and it took me 30 minutes to eat breakfast. Not cool making me almost late for work.


Happy Thursday, the weekend is close now!


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Wow, not posting at 1AM EST for a change!!!


Hope everyone had a great day!  Day8 for me went just fine, no real excitement to report!  Today was the first real warm day that Boston has seen, would have been a good beach day had we not had to wait for the fridge repair guy!


Still.  With.  The.  Bloat.  Kith I feel like I am doing well too, but for that!!!!  I've been having kombucha every day but I don't know that the pickles I was having are fermented.  Tonight I had some amazing garlic sauerkraut that is made locally in MA on my evening salad.  OMG so good. Why didn't I think I of that before?  I'm officially OUT of my previous local pickles so I think Bubby's is in my future for sure.  I also concentrated more on plain filtered water today in the hopes eliminating all carbonation would help?  I am, er... *not* moving quickly, to borrow your expression from a previous post, and of course that isn't helping the bloat.  Going to make an effort to incorporate more fermented stuff in for sure.  Fingers crossed, UGH!!!!!!


Today is DH's and my 2-year Dateversary so we stopped by our local.  NSV in NOT ordering my favorite wine or anything non-compliant.  We just had a few shrimp and I had some oysters, minus the vinaigrette which had prosecco in it.  The guy next to me was drinking my favorite rose and while I observed and thought it looked good it wasn't calling to me.  This is HUGE for me!!!  However, I am finding myself craving things I usually don't even eat!!!!  I know this is supposed to be "normal" but I've felt kinda obsessive these last few days!


Excited to hit one of the larger Boston Farmers Markets tomorrow and stock up on great, local produce and local eggs.  Hopefully some fresh meat too. I am in the mood for lamb, trying to think of how to incorporate that into the plans as well as the scotch eggs!!  Not sure where I am going to find pork rinds but I will make it happen.  I am on a mission for scotch eggs!!!!!


Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?  LisaMarie are you ready for your dance?  Do you have a special ensemble you will be wearing?  


I am POOPED, heading to bed!!!  All I wanted to do today was sleep!


Hang in and hang on all, we can do this!!!




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So, all my positive stuff from yesterday? Today totally made a liar of me. I bloated after dinner and felt miserable, slept like a rock from 2130 to 0530, was still bloated (to the point that I'm in a dress today, which is the first time in two years at this job), and have just been frazzled and irritable and intolerable all day. I have no idea if it's just work, or food, or bloat plus typical work drama, but man. I had a craving for a candy bar "because I'm not supposed to eat it," and I wanted to keep my mouth busy. I stuck it out, made a phone call instead, and I think the rage-fest is better now, but, man. I was not expecting that. Now I just want a nap.


Pretty sure food is on point:

M1 - Kahlua pork defrosted with broth and chopped kale, with coconut puree to top

M2 - several cups of spinach with radishes and cucumbers, an avocado and a chicken breast, cup of raspberries


I have to think that maybe, just maybe, not all my emotions are food related. :angry: Looking forward to heading home in a few hours and enjoying the weekend


Happy dateversary! Awesome on the good choices while out. Hope you're enjoying the warm weather, we're in the 70s this week and sunny, which feels lovely. No big plans on this end, will probably hit the market for produce tomorrow, and <cough> play our new video game with our friend in Memphis. Hoping to get back in the swing of exercise, but given my mood today, maybe I should wait on that obligation/habit for a bit. (especially since it's been a year or so since I was routinely active outside work)



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Oh Kith!!!!  Sending you nice, deflating thoughts!!!!!  Yep, no fun.  I am still struggling though today I bought some aloe water at WF and I am hoping that...er... moves things along.  Sauerkraut AND Bubbies pickles this evening.  Went great with the lovely bluefish DH made... wait.  Maybe not so much  :P Your meals look, to my unpracticed eye, right on point- what exactly is coconut puree??  I am fascinated by a lot of your recipes- where do you find them??  Gyro loaf is also still high on my list of priorities!!  All that said, what we are endeavoring to do with this program PLUS the usual life/work drama that no one can escape every moment of the day can really add up.


WTG on the "keeping busy" instead of nomming a Snickers. I tell you I am not usually a sweet tooth (sure I like a twix every once in a great while and do love a really excellent cupcake) but last night I dreamt of a Boston Creme donut the size of my head.  No joke.  And I don't really even LIKE donuts!!!  I have been kind of on and off again intolerable these last few days... this morning I woke up happy and excited for the day and a STUPID minor thing from DH was a full on battle.  And by battle I mostly mean me being nasty.   :unsure:  That plus bloat plus a few other symptoms make me think/hope this is all something else but we won't know about that till next week  ;)


Made a killing at the farmers market including 2 doz fresh local EGGS!!!!  Plus some great greens and local meat- including ground pork for my scotch eggs!!  I am kinda wondering where I am going to get the pork rinds, something tells me those make a great thing even better.  Plus I downed a pint of sun warmed strawberries while I was wandering around and few radishes AND avoided my favorite local bakery stand.  Whew!!!


SO tired these last two days, slept like a rock last night from around 11 to 9AM this morning with one pee break... oh... 2300 to 0900.  My brother is on Military time so it takes me a second to do the math but I have gotten used to hearing it from him.  He's in El Paso, TX.  Anyhow, been yawning since 1700 which is so not like me.  Tomorrow is house hunting so I need to go get my beauty sleep.


Hard to believe we are closer than ever to half way!!!  Overall I am really happy I am doing Whole30 and happy that I have really stuck to it.  Part of me was sure I would have caved by now and had a glass of wine.


The fact that you are keeping in touch with friends on the other side of the country is incredible!!!  And so important.  So if that means flopping down with a great video game more power to ya!!!!  I think video games would be a great way for me to relax, I am just so impatient with myself in trying to learn them!!!  


Hope you got some rest when you got home and that you are triumphant at the market tomorrow (and in the v games!!).  We are off to see the new Jurassic movie w my BFF and her DH tomorrow night.  Yes, I am sure it will be a cheez fest but I LOVE those movies!!!  Resisting the popcorn?  New challenge but I made 4 trays of kale chips tonight so... at least I am ready!!!!  Maybe next time I will coat them with ghee and pretend it's butter.  No?  Too soon?


Will check in ASAP, but have a fantastic weekend!!  Sending you, Kith, and all good thoughts!!!


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Enjoy your weekend. Will post an update, but wanted to answer the food questions. Coconut puree/manna is dried coconut meat ground into a delicious paste. Has coconut oil and yummy fats, and I stole the idea of eating spoonfuls from Nom Nom Paleo.

Gyro recipe is Alton Brown's, and I have been using it for several years now. I have a pretty good stable of recipes without a lot of things from past attempts at elimination, and most are totally whole30 kosher. One day I'll have to type out that saga...

Off to market!

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to chime in...

Those of you dealing with bloat and such, have you considered trying a digestive enzyme with priobiotics? I use Garden of life(think that's the name, will have to go check to be sure).

I was having crazy bloat & digestive issues(gas PAINS that even woke me up in the middle of the night).

-I also cut back on avocados & chilled on using coconut oil and ghee.


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Thanks for the chiming tbaa. I think I tracked down my bloat to coffee, I had a cup Wed, and had signs/symptoms of faster intestinal transit later that day and Thursday, and by midday Friday felt back to normal. So, no more coffee for me, which isn't a huge deal because I drink it rarely. If it happens again I am going to consider enzyme supplementation.


I had a great weekend, full of fun and frolic, and finding more balance between this whole food and life thing. I realized that the first two weekends I spent so much time prepping and cooking that my days seemed to be a never-ending cycle of prep food-cook food-eat food-clean up-prep food...Utterly not sustainable, especially when there are Dremora to slay. So my focus was adding the life back into my life, which is still a work in progress, but I think went well. Did get some local salmon and glorious fruit at the market, and am focused on eating other protein from the depths of my freezer. I swear I have like 4 pounds of beef roast down there that I just need to thaw and munch.


How was Jurassic World, and the house hunt? I hope both went well.


Off to the races! How is it Monday again already?


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Holy cow I am so sorry I was MIA for 3 days!!!!  Oy!!  The weekend was a blur.  We saw 8 properties on Saturday, followed by a big, loud movie about dinosaurs (which I have to admit, I LOVED) then 6 more on Sunday including a great house we put an offer on but did not get.  Oh well, better things are out there for us.  I was WIPED yesterday!  Stuck completely to plan though, which I am feeling really good about.


Lucky Day13!  Hard to believe we're almost half way through!  I said to my mom the other day that I was sure I would have slipped by now and had a glass of wine but I have not and I am really proud of that.  In fact I don't see myself being that anxious to reintroduce it in a few weeks.  And THAT is ok!!  I do find I am still getting some cravings but I feel like I just kind of notice them and let them pass by.  I think this is very exciting.




OK.  I started this post at 9:30 last night, fell asleep on the couch and was gently escorted to bed by DH.  YIKES!!!  I am just zonked these days!!!  Feeling great but thought the "All I want is a nap" thing was over!!  Again, so sorry for being MIA!!!!


Funny thing yesterday.... not exactly a setback but, kinda wish it hadn't happened.  I had to go to the doctors (a specialist) and when they insisted on weighing me I said fine but I don't want to know the number.  The doc slipped and said it out loud.  I can totally see why we are told to put away the scale, my number had barely budged.  Now, I know I am eating healthy and, aside from exhausted, feeling great but it's easy to imagine how that could (very understandably) derail people.  My mom saw me Sunday and said it looked like I had lost weight.  I think my face is slimmer from no sugar/alcohol.  I am still feeling QUITE bloated, going to ask my primary care about that.


How is everyone's week going so far?


Kith sounds like you had a very chill weekend, awesome!!!  I am getting really into Melissa J's site and have already pulled up a few recipes I am dying to try!  And the gyro loaf- I'm crazy about Alton Brown.


The job search continues but I am seeing this time as an opportunity to organize and purge as we will hopefully be moving by the end of the summer!


LisaMarie if you are still lurking around I hope all is going well with you!  


Hello to anyone who stops by for the first time!


Happy Hump Day all!


-Bean  :D  :D  :D

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Happy Friday back at you! I feel you on the crashing, had a busy Wednesday, and then ate food someone else cooked for me for a friend's birthday. Felt good to socialize. Sadly, yesterday I was struck by a migraine, and don't think it was food related, but probably hormone related, due to the fennel tea I've been drinking this week. I always forget that the uterus is smooth muscle, just like the gut. After pretty much all day in bed yesterday I'm feeling better today, but still a bit delicate. Colors are a little bright and sounds are just a little louder than I want them to be.


Having a craving for meaty spaghetti sauce, so have decided to use one of my favorite compliant marinaras, make some seasoned Italian sausage and roast a spaghetti squash for dinner tomorrow. Two weeks off nightshades hasn't been that bad, and since I know that white potatoes and peppers make me feel worse, but that cooked tomatoes in moderation are okay, have decided to go ahead and make this yummy thing that I want, and then evaluate how I feel over the next few days.


I started an omega 3 supplement and vitamin D at the advice of my internist (skin stuff and weird sternum pain), and she inadvertently let my weight slip....so, I know that I am down from when I started, and how much. :blink:.


Can you believe we've made it halfway already?


What's for dinner tonight? I'm having a fritatta to use up leftovers, or steak if I feel frisky.



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Happy Monday Bean (and any lurkers!)


We are on the downward slope!


My tummy does not like it when I skip sauerkraut for 2-3 days in a row, but other than that, feelin' pretty good.


I made yummy beef short ribs, and a giant bowl of marinara, sausage and spaghetti squash that was delicious, and did not feel worse for wear after having no nightshades for the 3 weeks prior.


Looks like I am going to be ending early though...we have a dear friend coming up to visit us and introduce his (hopefully) fiance, and he's made reservations at a seafood place with an amazing tasting menu, as well as booked a couple private winery tours. Since we only see him every few years, and for personal reasons not enumerated in the post I'll be stopping with dinner on the 26th, making it officially a whole 22. I've known about the visit for 2 weeks now, and really thought hard bout stopping vs not stopping, and am at peace with my decision.


I'm going to keep active here this week though, and am anticipating making mindful choices during the weekend. Part of me is sad that life got in the way of a perfect experiment, but another (bigger) part of me is saying that this is why I tried this, to feel better, live more, and fit more life into my days.


Biggest lesson: don't let grains push veggies off my plate. Second biggest: wash dishes immediately after a meal, otherwise they seem to make baby dirty dishes when I'm not looking. Third lesson: this is expensive, mostly because I want new kitchen toys (I blame NomNomPaleo and her Sous Vide Supreme)


Feeling reflective,


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OK I am incredibly embarrassed...

I started this thread and I have been completely absent the last several days!!! We bought a house and have been running around like crazy since before and after the offer was accepted.

Hi to you Kith and anyone else stopping by.

Kith, I am with you all the way on making the decision and having peace. I applaud you, truly, because I know personally I would do it and then beat the ever living poop out of myself. I am happy for you that you have learned a lot on this journey and also happy you will get to spend some time (and hopefully celebrate!!) with someone that is important to you. I think that takes an amazing amount of self awareness and integrity. TOTALLY jealous on the wine tours!!!!!! Even after W30, no vino for me for quite some time. Any more migraine issues? What an interesting reminder- the uterus as "a smooth muscle like the gut"... Easy to forget. Was the fennell tea (if I may ask,) in the mix just because it's something you enjoy? Helps with cycle "fun times"? I used to get migraines something awful years ago, usually cyclical. Not awesome. It seems like you have experience with "elimination diets", I imagine it's made you very aware of what your body is trying to tell you! That's a gift!!

I have been on a CRRRAAAAZY sauerkraut kick the last week or so. There is a local brand "Real Pickle" (orginal) that's from MA (though I discovered it in NY) that makes a garlic kraut that I am obsessed with. I am having a hard time, though, because the bloat is still persisting. Some have suggested that the fermented foods may help, which makes sense, while others mused as to whether or not my body was adjusting to more fermented food coming in, hence the bloat. I dunno. I don't take a probiotic, never have, and am not currently eating yogurt... Maybe the fermented goodness isn't something that agrees with me? Stepping away for a few days to try and evaluate.

I made the NomNomPaleo Korean short ribs last weekend. Hoooooly fantastic. The leftovers barely survived and that WILL be making a comeback soon. Is that the one you tried Kith? Anyone readying this- MAKE THEM!!!!

Coming towards the home stretch of the Whole30 and I'm feeling reflective as well. I AM glad that I have done this, and while I feel like I could stop today and make it a Whole21 (and that would be ok) I am sticking with it another 9 days. I am proud of the choices I have made and am making, though they aren't so different from before. I am proud of the fact that I committed to a month without a glass of wine (or two) at dinner and have stuck with that. THAT is probably my proudest accomplishment. This is not to say that my alcohol consumption was an issue before, I keep a very close eye, but I did enjoy it. I am also happy that I have had whole organic milk in the fridge the last week for DHs coffee and have not touched it. Also a big deal for me. All that said, will I walk away from this feeling like my life has changed? Maybe, but it's not necessarily because of the W30.

Have definitely enjoyed all I have learned from reading the posts of other folks, both here and on other boards of the W30 forum and totally anticipate continuing to lurk.

OK all that went on longer than I had anticipated!!!! I've just been thinking a lot the last few days and wondering if now is the right time to start to do more of my own thing, if I am just fixated on the concept of "30". Lots to think about it, and I do like that I am listening to my body in this.

Kith I hope to still see you around a bit!

10:15 EST and I am off to bed. Who AM I????

Be well all! Kith I am really feeling your sign off "Always remember you are stronger than you seem".


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Hi Bean!

Congrats and sympathies on the house buying. I know it's exciting and exhausting and a whirlwind. Your sauerkraut kick sounds yummy, and garlic kraut just made me shiver in bliss. Sorry the bloat is ongoing, hopefully the stepping back changes things (in some way) so you can get more answers.

Thanks for the support around this weekend, I'll admit my biggest nerves were about coming clean on the forum. How strange is that? I still plan on lurking, it just might be more in the "life after" and recipe subs.

Nomnom is the best! Yes, I made her short ribs, and kinda want to open a pharmacy so she can come work for me. That's totally not weird, right?

As for fennel tea, well, that's part of the long back story that brought me to the whole30....and, since I'm exhausted from cleaning the house for company... If you'll permit the indulgence, I'll summarize:

I've had IBS symptoms since I was 12, with intermittent horrible bouts of cramping pain and diarrhea, usually in the middle of the night. I was diagnosed when I was 19 and in college, and slowly put on weight by eating mostly grains and cheese, because they seemed to settle things down. Never was able to make many concrete links, except brownies, cheap white bread and later dairy. Lost weight and felt better by pretty much becoming an exercise bulimic and going vegetarian my senior year, then did grad school and post doc, and in those 10 years gained between 10 and 15 pounds per year, getting through GI distress as best as I could with Immodium, tums and grit. Chalked a lot up to stress, sleep deposit, a long distance marriage and anxiety.

Finally I finished everything, got my first real job, moved across the country... And felt worse. Getting frustrated I learned about peppermint as a muscle relaxer and fennel for bloat, and they helped, a little. I saw an allergist to get my copious nonfood allergies evaluated, confirmed no histamine reactions to whey, casein or gluten, then a nutritionist and did MST testing for other sensitivities. As a result of the testing I did my first formal elimination: ten days if the following: lamb, salmon, cod, oatmeal, rice, amaranth, green peas, cauliflower, leeks, mango, raspberries, olive oil, lemon, basil and paprika.

That was a miserable time... I wasn't eating enough, was tired of food, and wasn't feeling any better, so I reintroduced, and tried to avoid my "reactive foods" that was a scattered list that included all sorts of things, but I felt better if not eating tapioca, wheat, etc. Another two tears passed, new job, move to the west coast, and my new PCP puts me on a low FODMAP plan, because I was once again having issues, and was having weird joint pain, asthma, migraines, etc. Attempted to blend MST results with the low FODMAP recs... Found it far too restrictive, and went on prescription antispasmodic...

Last year a friend who does crossfit tried a whole30, and I started researching. Decided to scrap my other "rules for eating" and try this as an experiment, and we'll, here I am :)

Tl;dr: fennel tea helps my bloating and tastes good, but when I drink 3-4 cups a day several days in about row it brings on my cycle early.

No more migraines, thank heavens. I'm on a 12 week birth control pill, so I get them quarterly, and this time I only had on,e not 3-4 days in a row.

Hope you get some time to relax this weekend, I'm off to bed at 20:30 PST, and totally unapologetic



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Just a drive-by to say hi...

I've been pretty MIA the last week or so, prepping for the upcoming move is not awesome but I am really happy to report I have stayed completely on track and on program.

Today is Day28, where has the month gone? Feeling OK, kinda ready to be done with this. I don't intend to binge and bail by any stretch of the imagination but, well, I kinda feel like at this point I am finishing the program just for the sake of finishing it and getting to Day30. I've learned some interesting things and that's great but... well... still formulating what I will actually take away from this that I didn't know about myself and my habits before.

Not sure if you are lurking Kith but I was thinking of you last Friday, hope you had a FANTASTIC celebration with out of town friends.

Anyone else still hanging around this thread? Hope everyone is well and happy, say hey if you are inclined!

Back to purging/packing....


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