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Official start today!


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Here I go! I am doing a whole30 because I'm burned out on my old elimination diet (LEAP/MRT based) and want to get bak in the habit of eating a large variety of veggies and protein regularly. I started following guidelines Sunday, but delayed official start becasue I had a friend come into town yesterday and knew I was going to do sushi and our favorite cocktail place (we see each other once a year or so.)


Felt like things went well, then today I feel cruddy...but..it's multifactorial: I got 2 hours less sleep than usual because of festitivites; I had two cocktails last evening (usually drink about once a month), had a migraine in the middle of the night, have a toothache, spent 6 hours wandering around the bestest bookstore in the area (Powell's for the win!), oh yeah, and ate a tablespoon of bleu cheese, 4 pieces of my favorite sushi with rice (umi shiso roll), and had flourless chocolate cake....and then I had less veggies for breakfast because it hurts to chew and I lacked leftovers.../rant


Elimination diets are fun when you can't pinpoint if it's diet or not...but, I'm having fun so far. Gotta look forward to my steak for dinner (with squash and kale and maybe a sweet potato) and then to read up on the science of home fermentation!


Glad to be here, in this community, and thinking about my food and my food's food.



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May I mention that I really enjoy the forums?


First day went well, and second is well underway. Excited to restock my veggies tomorrow at the store, seems like days without dark leafy greens are days when I'm less happy. Also, along with the mayo project I'm gonna give bone broth a try.



M1 - 3 eggs scrambled in ghee with wilted kale/raddichio/arugula blend and mushrooms


M2 - 1 palm leftover top round steak on bed of spinach with cucumbers and olives, green grapes


M3 - 1.5 palms leftover steak, spaghetti squash roasted and sauteed in coconut oil, melted leeks(coconut oil) and basil pesto, maybe the end of the baby kale to empty out fridge if I'm particularly hungry

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