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Nanda's log- Started 06/01/15


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I decided to start the Whole30 lifestyle because I needed a change for the good. I started noticing that I was eating because I was bored, stress, or had nothing better to do. I am always surrounded by unhealthy food at work. It started becoming a habit to just grab a snack every time I passed by our snack area. I wasnt even hungry I would just grab it and eat it because I was accustomed. I stopped working out because of an accident and I was just eating anything that I came across.


I decided to start this plan so that I can understand my relationship with food. Plus, I am secretly hoping I lose a couple of pounds. I also wanted to start it so that I can motivate my mom to eat healthier. She has a lot of health issues that were listed in the book. Im not saying it will fix everything but we hope it will help her feel better. So i convinced her to do it with me so that we can support each other. 


We started June 1st and it has been pretty easy to follow the 7 day meal plan. I am feeling tired today (Day 4). My eyes and arms feel super heavy. I just want to be snuggling in bed. I will fight it and force myself to go for a light jog after work. Hope I have enough energy. Good thing I haven't had cravings (even though there is Birthday cake at the office) or felt like Killing All The Things. 

My mom said she's had cravings but she didn't really have anything to munch on since I made her throw everything out.

He snacked on some veggies instead.


I'm hoping for the best with this new plan. I know I will benefit from this program. I just have to stay focused and fight all cravings. 


Any tips on how I can boost my energy? I am trying to work out 5 times a week without dying. lol.

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Day 4 was a little tough since I was so tired. I didnt even feel like eating. I got home after work and knocked out for a while. I dont like sleeping so much. I'm still a little tired today but I'm starting to gain energy as the day progresses. I'm going to need it this weekend. I am going to a concert tonight, I have a house warming party tomorrow, and a family event on Sunday. I'm already planning to leave after I have lunch and come back home for dinner so that I do not get hungry or tempted. I dont want to avoid social gatherings but I think it is a smart idea for the first week or two. 

I have noticed that If i eat the whole serving indicated in the meal plan I get really full but I dont get hungry in between meals. Is this okay? Should I not eat all of the serving.

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