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Anyone use a natural deodorant or DIY?

Julie Quates

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Hey ladies...

This is slightly embarassing but I'm wondering if any of yall experienced BO during your W30? I had been using a natural type deodorant (Toms, and then coconut powder) before W30 and never really dealt with bad BO (that I know of). Last night my finace was kind enough to tell me that I had BO! Bad! I have a terrible sense of smell so I'm sure I had smelled funky all day. SO...embarassing.

Is it my body detoxing or something? Will it go away? I'm going to be more aware this week and will use my Tom's a couple times a day. It has tea tree oil which helps with bacteria growth. I'm NOT a heavy sweater but suppose there's been a lot of dietary changes lately. Also been doing hot yoga which is all sweat!

Any thoughts on this?

I'm really trying to avoid Anti-perspirants as they have aluminum in them and have been linked to all sorts of nasty stuff like breast cancer. Plus...I don't think that keeping your body from detoxing via sweating is a good thing anyway. BUT...I don't want to be the smelly kid! UhhH!


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Yes! I totally had this and was so upset by it. I switched to a deodorant crystal and it's MIRACULOUS. No smell and it cost less than $3.00 and it's supposed to last for a year. Who can complain about that?? It's a smooth rock; you wet it and rub it on and it does its magic.

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I second the idea of the deodorant crystal. I have not had BO on my Whole 30, but I do break out if I use any commercial roll-on or stick deodorant product, even those with "all natural" ingredients or that EWG says are the safest.

The crystals do last a long time, provided you don't drop them and have them break into a zillion pieces! :)

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This is too funny...I had the exact experience when I switched to Tom's of Maine! I didn't realize either until I smelled the armpit of one of my sweaters and wow, yes, BO. I have better luck with the Trader Joe's natural deodorant...crystal never worked for me. Good luck!

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I recently started using the Crystal brand. I noticed it says loud and proud on the front that it doesn't contain aluminum chlorohydrate, but ingredients list ammonium alum. What is the difference? Anyone know more on this subject?

On the other hand, I really, really love it. It doesn't smell, I don't smell (even when I apply it the night before), and it looks like it will last a long time.

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TIP for using Crystal deoderant:

Keep it next to your shower and rub it on your underarms right when you get out WITHOUT drying them first. The salt will get into your open pores and be much more effective at stopping bacterial growth (and therefore odor).

Crystal deoderant didn't last long enough for me until I learned this trick :)

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I'm only 5 days through my Whole30, so not sure if I will experiment changes on that level... However, I've been using a Crystal deodorant as well for a few years now and I love it! Basically, it kills the odor-causing bacteria, so yes, you sweat, but you don't smell. I've never had any problem with it and will continue using it.

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Thanks to you all, I bought the Crystal deodorant and so far, loving it! I dont normally smell, even after a long day and sweating, so I think it was the 'lasts a whole year' idea that sold me. Or that after a long day, its my deodorant that stinks, not me. LOL

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FYI- sort of on the subject... laser removal of underarm hair helps a lot too. No hair follicles = less odor. Not zero odor but very much improved. A side benefit I didn't expect when I had it done ten years ago...

Oh wow! how much did that cost? i would be SO up for that.

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