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day 5


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I have started and stopped my whole30 many times over. I'm not sure what changed but I am totally committed to this!!  Perhaps being tired of being sick and tired? Now on day 5 and very optimistic! I can finish this.

I was a skeptic about the whole dream phenomena  but yesterday, I had dreams of corn products (mainly popcorn) and death??

I need to hold strong as the weekends are week spots for me.



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Day 5!!  Woohooo!!!  Good for you!!  Today is Day 7 for me!  We are in this together!!


Last night I dreamt I was at a potluck eating things I shouldn't.  I woke up thinking...NO...now I have to start over again.  Then realized it was a dream.  Crazy.


Have a great day!!


Michelle :)

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