Day 11 and I got the flu day 12 still not better what can I eat???

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I don't have much of an appetite but I can keep food down when I eat it. I have mostly been eating fruit because NOTHING is appealing right now. But when I think about it I'm just eating sugar which is the habit I'm trying to break. Do I get an excused because of the sickness???

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I'm gonna say no, sorry.

I realise you may not have much of an appetite (I'm currently suffering from flu like symptoms myself so can totally empathise), but you'd be better trying for soups or broths which will be easier to digest, more beneficial nutrionally, and will have better healing properties.

Feel better soon.


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I had the flu recently - fever for 9 days. The most exhausting part was that I simply did not have the energy to prepare food for myself. All notions of making nourishing broths and soups and whatnot were just that, notions.


I was not on a Whole30 at the time, and I was profoundly grateful for family members who rallied 'round with food.


If you are in shape to fix yourself some food, then I suggest simple things like roasted sweet potatoes and baked chicken.


If you are not in a state to prepare your own food, as I was not, then it's not that you get a pass for eating non-Whole30 foods that others provide, it's just that you'll reset your Whole30 clock once you are able to stand up in your kitchen for more than half a second.


If you do have folks offering to provide food, you can always ask for simple roasted veggies and meats. Even if you can't eat much, foods that are easy to get down are worth eating.


Also, I found that once my fever finally broke, on day 10 I was RAVENOUS. I'm more than a week out from the fever and still regaining my energy.


So don't take this lightly. Rest and hydrate and eat what you can, accept what help is offered, and if that keeps you Whole30 compliant that's great, if not, Whole30 will be there for you once you recover.


I hope you feel better very soon.

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