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Day 10 Allergic Reaction- Help needed

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 I am hoping someone has some ideas, or really just a quick pep talk. I have a known egg allergy, and suspect I have a histamine issue as well, so have been using the Histamine shopping list. The Whole30 list allows avocado, but every other list in the world says avocados are high histamine, so I have been excluding them as well. Tonight, my face is looking like it normally does when I eat too many eggs (i.e., I believe I am eating something that I am allergic to).


The only things I feel like I have really increased: black olives, coconut butter and coconut cream (side note, my sister has a really bad coconut allergy), Aidell's chicken/apple sausage. Clearly, I am giving all of those up for at least the next week as well. But in terms of fats, what does that leave me with??? Olive oil and ghee? I'm really not trying to sound like I'm complaining but I'm really having a hard time with it tonight. (maybe I should also mention I am on day 10....)


But I guess the other thing I am wondering, does this put me back to Day1? Obviously, I didn't know I had an issue (and don't know what the issue actually is yet). Not sure how to deal with it. 


Any thoughts first, on what other fats I can use would be incredibly helpful (though I'm not sure there are any).


and two, what does this do to my whole30 timeline. 



(i'd be more than happy to post my food logs for the past 10 days if that would be helpful)

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No, this doesn't put you back to day one. If it should happen again closer to the end of your whole30, you'd want to wait until you're feeling better before you do reintroductions, but on day 10, I'm sure this will have cleared up by then.

For fats, in addition to olive oil and ghee, you might look into animal fats like lard, tallow, duck fat, or even bacon fat if you ever cook with bacon. If you can't find any of these locally, US Wellness Meats carries them.

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Shannon, Tom- Thanks so much for the quick response. I am really hoping a few days with none of these items will get me back on track. 


In thinking about it more, I really think it's the coconut stuff, but keeping both olives and Aidell's out for a few days as well until my face clears up, and then testing olives back in at that point and see what happens. 


I'm thinking I need to find some liver pate recipes, and that might help as well in terms of adding in extra fat. I have some good local butchers here in the area so will see what I can find, but will keep US Wellness Meats in mind. 


But again, thanks for the quick suggestions!


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I also have histamine issues and several very frustrating health issues that are related to that.  If you do have issues with histamine then this diet can be hard because of the amount of meat and proteins.  Histamine builds up in proteins very quickly.  For a strict histamine diet they recommend getting meat that is only three days from slaughter.  LOL, I've found that to be about impossible without buying your own cow!  Anyway, what I do is stay away from bone broths or any soup that is simmered for a long time.  Stay away from leftover proteins, as soon as you finish cooking a protein put it in serving sizes and put it right into the freezer, even if you are going to eat it tomorrow.  Fresh fish is a big issue unless you can get it right from the boat.  I bought a whole salmon last week (for a LOT of money) and after I ate a small serving my lips were tingling and my stomach was not good and I felt bad for the next day.    


The idea is to keep the overall level down, especially during allergy season when your body is already reacting to pollen, etc.


Interestingly, I was all excited about canned coconut milk but had to stop after about five days as I had a very painful reaction to it.  Maybe there is more histamine in canned coconut milk that we think..  That was a hard one to give up!  

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I have some other food allergy stuff, and many years ago got Janice Joneja's "Dealing with Food Allergies" book. About a year ago, I was rereading with respect to the histamine stuff, and am very careful with my meat and leftovers. I try to keep "fresh" meat frozen as long as possible. But admittedly, meat doesn't tend to set me off as much. My real issues seem to be more with the "liberators" (eggs, tomatoes, wine, alcohol).


I am intrigued though that you also had a reaction to canned coconut. Though everything seems to be such an individual thing. Admittedly, I was super bummed about the coco stuff, as so many recipes call for it (especially when you are keeping citrus, avocado, tomatoes out of them too!).


And side note, it has been over 72 hours since I have had any of the foods in question, and my face is almost completely back to normal. So definitely one of the three items. I am hoping to try back in olives towards the end of the week. Will report back and let you know!

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