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Food Suggestions and Quantity for Pre/Post Workout Meal


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I have a few questions on what to eat and how much to eat for a pre/post workout meal.


  1. The book states "for pre-workout include a small amount of protein".  How much is that?  How many ounce of chicken or turkey?
  2. Do you have some suggestions for pre-workout proteins and fats and how much?
  3. Do you have some suggestions for pre-workout proteins and fats when you are on the go?
  4. For the post-work out what are some easily digestible proteins?
  5. What other carb-dense veggies are there besides sweet potatoes/yams, squashes and beets? How much do you eat?
  6. Would carrots be a carb-dense veggie?
  7. What are good protein sources for pre/post workout meal if you can not eat eggs.

    Thank You 

     Kay  :)

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Hi Kay

If you consider that a hard boiled egg is a popular preWO meal that shoud give you an idea of how much you need to eat. An egg will provide both the protein and fat required preWO. Other options would include chicken or tuna with some avocado, olives, nuts or a spoonful of nut butter.

For postWO again tuna and chicken are both easily digestible and portable options when bought in tins - buy your tuna fish in spring water rather than in oil as the fat of the oil will prevent absorption of the protein. For postWO you should eat the egg white only - although I'm assuming by your last question that you don't eat eggs....

Carrots are not a starchy veg - stick with all varieties of potatoes, beets, squash, parsnips & pumpkins. Avoid fruit.

This topic has been discussed here many times before - the best way to see if that is the case is to type 'Whole30 pre and post work out' (or whatever other topic you have in mind) into Google and it will bring up a list of previous threads.

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