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Intermittent Bowel Anger

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I was trying not to post about my angry bowels as its similar to so many other posts but I can't find someone who is eating like me and also having the same issues. Overall, I feel great. This is my 2nd attempt at a whole30 (my last one lasted about 26 days and couldn't successfully restart). I used to be super gassy like all the time, my stool type would vary but I always had to go first thing in the morning, and usually immediately after I got home from work. Sometimes I would have to go again before bed, which my husband always worried thinking I'm going too often (we eat pretty similar minus breakfast and snacks and he doesn't go that often).


Since being on this 30 I had some gassy times after dinner during my first week but this week has been pretty good. However, I will have random moments of needing to go to the bathroom because I'm hit with some severe diarhhea. This actually happened on my first round too, I feel like nothing ever normalized during the initial 26 days. I have my meal plan in my log, but this morning I was hit TWICE with an, oh I gotta go! Yesterday (day 13 in my log) I was hit a little after lunch. It happened another time this week but I don't really remember what day. During the first round my husband really thought it was eggs (bc he has a problem with eggs), so I cut them out mid-way but not long enough to really see any difference. The thing is I've always always had eggs at breakfast so I don't really think this is an increase in my consumption. Plus, its not an everyday thing, whereas I eat eggs everyday.


I know I have some gaps and issues with my food log, not eating enough fat always, relying on larabars when i shouldn't (but I've cut those out now!). However, I don't really see any trending items as to why this may be happening, has anyone else had this problem where it comes and goes? This is so embarassing to ask but I'm actually getting nervous to go out for the day worrying that I might need to make an emergency stop. I would truly appreciate any insight, thank yoU!

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Hi Higgles

I had a look at your food log and one thing jumps out at me - apart from the larabars - you're eating a lot of onions.

Onions are a cruciferous veg and can often cause gas, wind, bloating & diarrhoea, particularly if eaten raw. Onions are also high in naturally occuring sugars which can cause diarrhoea in some people.

Bear in mind also that you weren't feeling particularly well right up until day 7 so your body has had to deal with more stress than normal which can also be reflected in your digestive system.

I'd try cutting out the onions and see if things settle down for you in a few days.

Good luck & I hope things ease off for you soon.

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