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Observations After First 7 Days On Whole30


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Good morning Whole30 people,


I have completed 7 days thus far and have noticed some changes: my face is smaller, my skin looks healthier, my clothes feel loose, my energy ebbs and flows and sharp mental clarity.


I am more cognizant in regard to getting rid of the old bad habits such as mindless snacking.  I haven't had any cravings.  If anything, I am not as hungry in between meals.  Sometimes I am not hungry at meals, however, I eat my three meals anyway.


No longer being a slave to that darn scale is another benefit.  Don't kid yourself, I am really curious, but will not give in.  I never measured myself this go round.  Perhaps the next.


The meals from the Whole30 recipe book are delicious.  I am a newbie so have a lot of adventures ahead of me in regard to making new things and buying products new to me such as coconut milk.  This will be such an exciting journey!!


I am finding that I am happier and less of a "prickly pear".


As days go by, I am learning to treat myself well.  Instead of rewarding myself with food, after a successful first 7 days, I got a manicure and my nails done.


One of my next missions will be to incorporate exercise.  This should not be an issue, as I have so many exercise DVD's that I could open my own library. 


Moving forward to Day 8, and beyond, I am aware each day won't be a picnic in the park, but I am feeling really good which is a bigger pay off than all the ice cream I used to eat.


Another motivation?  I am going to be a grandmother for the first time in August.  I want energy to keep up with my grandbaby instead of feeling sluggish and blah.


I am grateful that I stumbled on to this program and all of the people involved.  Support is so important!!




Michelle ;)

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Thank you for sharing!  I'm starting tomorrow after prep and shopping trip today and very much hoping for the benefits you describe. :)  I know I have a tough couple of days ahead of me while I get over my sugar addiction, but it will be worth it to get back to healthy again.

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Thanks for recording your week 1 results, Michelle! I finished my first 7 days yesterday, and I can second several of your observations. I can notice a definite change in my face, and my joints feel better. I'd be delighted to hear about how you felt after completing the second week.


Hope all is continuing to go well! And congratulations on the coming grandchild!

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