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Day 30


WOW!! Can't believe I made it! Was going to wait for tomorrow to write this. But I think tonight is good, because it is BEFORE I step on the scale in the morning. My initial post did talk about trying not to be focused on weight. Trying to concentrate on feeling better. And feeling in control.

But, let's be real here. When you spent the better part of 50 years worrying about how much you weigh, these feelings don't go away over night. Or over 30 days!

Well, I know I've lost weight. I can feel it in my clothes and see it in my face. BUT…the best thing about the Whole30 experience: finally, really believing that it IS more than just about the weight. And feeling liberated. And empowered.

I thought this would be HARD. Challenging at times, yes. The advantages simply overwhelm any perceived difficulties.

I have decided pretty much to stay on the program for the the next little while. I did think the first thing I would do was to grab a hunk of cheese. Now, I think I WILL celebrate tomorrow with a glass of wine.

Since I did manage to eat a whole container of dates in 2 days over the weekend (put every one of them in my food log!!), I know the war isn't over. May never be over. But, boy, did I win the first battle!

Anybody who's thinking about doing this: GO FOR IT! You'll never regret it!

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