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grass-fed, corn finished beef. Is that ok?

Tracy R.

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I am new to eating grass fed beef. To be honest, it's just not in our budget right now. I have found a butcher near me that has good prices and their meats are hormone free, antibiotic free, etc. Their beef comes from Creekstone Farms. The description on creekstones website is High Quality Feed

For the majority of their lives our Black Angus cattle graze on lush pasture land throughout the mid-west. Prior to processing each animal is feed a high quality corn-based feed ration that enhances meat tenderness and flavor.

I can afford the meats at this butcher shop. I hope this is good. If not the best choice, it seems it would be better than the meat I've been buying at the grocery store...maybe??

creekstone: http://www.creekstonefarms.com/about.html

the butcher shop: http://bentleysnaturalmeats.com/about.html

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Any kind of beef is "OK" as long as you drain the fat, that's where all the yucky stuff is. If it's 100% Grass finished then you don't need to worry about the fat. In this instance, I wouldn't worry about it as it seems like the cows have a good life up until eating grain. They aren't in a feed lot, so that's a start!

I find it ironic they call it "High Quality Feed".

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Thanks for the reply Laura. I went this morning and got an awesome deal.

$127.24 got me:

8,5 lbs ground chuck

6 lb beef brisket

7 lbs ground pork

3 lb boneless pork roast

3 lb chuck roast

1 full rack baby back ribs

2 lbs country ribs

3 lbs center cut pork chops (8 total)

3 lb bottom round roasts

That comes to about $3.47 per pound of meat. Most of the meat came from a package deal and I know the butcher went over the weight on the roast when picking out the 3 lb ones.

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Wow that is awesome! I was just talking to my boyfriend this morning about buying in bulk. We need to get a freezer first, though.

Did you get all of that at the butcher shop or through Creekstone? Right now I get my beef & eggs from Carlton Farms. I also signed up for their Fall CSA. I don't know if they sell in bulk, I am going to talk to the farmer today when I pick up my eggs & beef.


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We need to get a freezer first, though.

I bought a small chest freezer from sears.com and picked it up last week. They were on sale.We will need to get another small one in a few months probably. I opted for two small ones (7 cubic ft each) rather than 1 large one to help me keep it organized and not lose meat in it. My plan is to have one for beef and the other for pork and chicken.

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