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First Week of First Whole 30 Completed!


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:rolleyes: Today is day 7 of the first week of my FIRTS Whole30! I made it through 7 days!!! :lol: On day 4, I was so tired, groggy and sleepy, I slept over 11 hours total throughout the day. I was skeptical about this actually happening because on day 3, I had TONS of energy and stayed up late as well...

I planned out my second week of meals yesterday and just printed the Food for Thought journal to complete today.

Fouls: I drank a 1/3rd of a glass of almond milk with carrageenan but poured it out after reading the label. I ate 5 pieces of fruit yesterday and too many nuts days 4 and 5. Will make sure not to make these errors week 2.



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