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The coming weekend - 4 days at a casino, yikes


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Let me preface this with yes, I have read the travel article in the book and I've perused through the topics in this forum as much as time has allowed. I am just a little nervous and would appreciate seasoned travelers taking a glance at my plan and offering suggetions if they have any. This trip will be days 12-15 for me. I'm pretty used now to eating a big plate of stir fry veggies and a protein with sometimes a sweet potato thrown in. That's what I eat now 3x a day. This will be VERY different.


I'm going to a yearly event held at a Casino. Lunches will be completely on the run (typically we continue with our tasks and lunch is brought in to you - none of which is whole 30 complliant besides maybe some iceberg lettuce, LOL), so I will have to have my lunch with me, ready to go, no time to go back to the room.


I am pretty confident having been there before I can get a plain meat choice and steamed veggies at dinner, so I'm just looking at breakfast and lunch. I am sadly allergic to eggs.


Plan: (we;re driving, it's about 4 hours)

Pack cooler (no fridges/microwaves in rooms sadly) with ghee if I have a baked potato at dinner, prepped jicama, guac, carrot and celery sticks, if I can find any compliant jerky locally I'll add that. A couple apples and some almond butter, cooked chicken, nuts.  bring a gallon of unsweet tea.


Stop at grocery store Friday afternoon (20 miles from casino is nearest store) and pick up:

A couple of avocado

Compliant deli meat for variety.

A canteloupe or some kind of melon


suggesions appreciated!


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Good luck finding compliant deli meat / maybe cook off some chicken thighs and have those handy in your cooler?  but did you say no fridge in room? You'll be fine..  power of positive thinking..

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Guest Andria

It looks like you have a good start to planning your trip away.  I think you might have trouble finding compliant deli meat; it is notoriously difficult to find.  You might want to bring along some compliant tinned fish, like tuna, sardines etc., instead.  If you are brining a cooler you might want to pack some cooked vegetable sides like a variety of roasted vegetables.. You have 4 days worth of breakfast and lunches and all you have planned is raw veggies.  You might be okay with raw veggies, but they can be a bit rough on the digestive tract especially for that many consecutive meals.

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Just wanted to share how it went.


I took precooked meals that I usually eat (protein veg stir fry). In hind sight, since there were no microwaves, I would take precooked pretein and vegetables separate. Some of the veggies got soggier faster. Much less appetizing, but if you're hungry it will do I discovered.


I ordered from the casino restaurant(s) one meal a day. Nightmare. They excel at crap food, but their healthy choices were cooked to death - veggies so mushy I could hardly choke them down, meat over done or just tasteless. At one point, late to return to my post, I asked if a chicken item was plain - no breading. I said, I have a gluten intolerance (I do) and I can't have any flour. Waitress:  Yep , it's plain! I waited 40 minutes for it, literally had to ran across the complex to get to my post on time, opened the box and found.....breaded chicken I couldn't eat. I was tired, I was hungry and I about lost my cool right there. Thankfully, another participant had brought her cooler with her and had cooked meat from home that was compliant and shared with me.


I did remain compliant throughout the entire weekend and I'm now on day 18 and going strong!!

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