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Brand new to the whole 30!


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Hey guys!

So I'm eight months postpartum, about 15-20 pounds overweight, and just want my vitality back! Also to feel good again in my body.

Next month I begin personal training, and I want to also do this eating plan.

I really need assistance with meal planning and prepping on a budget. My fiance and 9 year old stepson will not be on this plan, how has this been handled by others? I really need to keep this simple!

Thank you!

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I spent the last 2 months eating mostly Paleo and prepping for my Whole30 (due to travel and engagements) and in the process I made meals that I will eat on the Whole30. It gave us all time to adjust to these kinds of meals. Not that you have to prep for 2 months. However, I will make what I can eat and everyone will eat it or at least try it. If they don't like it then they'll have to find something else. I dont make separate meals. Most of the meals I have made though my family have liked and that says a lot! And they can add to whatever you cook to make it to their liking, like cheese, breads, condiments, etc... One thing I cannot stress enough is Pinterest is your BEST FRIEND!! :)

Good Luck and God Bless!

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