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Starting Whole30 TODAY! 6/7/15


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Been planning this for almost 2 months but couldnt commit due to traveling. However, it gave me time to read both books and really get ready. I am here and finally doing it! A few cravings today but have kept busy and got through them!

Good Luck to all who are starting or currently rolling with it!



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Sounds like you are ready to get it done!!!  I am just winding down Day4, which for me was no picnic!  Goodness, my poor husband!!


The books and this Forum do a great job preparing us and giving us guidelines so hang around and hang in.  I, too, had to delay my actual Day1.  Not an excuse but I, like you, wanted to be informed, prepared, prepped and READY!!  I wanted to do the reading in advance so I had it all filed away and a plan in place.  You'll so great!!


Sending you lots of good thoughts and see you around!



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