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Quick intro: I've done the Whole30 before, back in 2008/2009 when I had more willpower and time. I tried to start one again last year, but then my husband had a ton of medical issues and was in and out of hospitals (and I was leaving work at a second's notice whenever he was taken via ambulance), so I gave in to all of the emotional cravings for junk food. I didn't feel like I had time or energy to cook or even think about eating healthy. And it just went downhill from there - my actual meals were healthy compared to the average non-paleo meals, but still included processed stuff, grains, dairy, etc. (Plus, cereal on weekends. I just love chocolatey cereal.) Also, I love to bake, and people love it when I bake. But, if I bake something really delicious, I eat it...a lot of it. SO, I'm taking a break from baking.

For the last few months, I've been eating a little healthier than before, but the problem has been I crave SO much sugar and chocolate. So, the main reason I'm doing this is to break all those bad habits. (After the 30 days, I don't plan to add back in dairy or grains, but I think I will make exceptions for corn, and maybe dark chocolate, and occasional baked goods.)

I've been ordering from a paleo delivery service for a few months now, and finally realized - why am I spending all of this money on paleo meals if I'm not going to commit 100%? So here I am. (Side note, some of the things in the meals are paleo-friendly and might not be 100% Whole30 approved. I try not to eat the "paleo buns" or "paleo wraps" that come with some of the meals.) I get meals delivered for lunch 5 days a week, sometimes 3 lunch/3 dinner.

I'm not ready to post stats yet, but I'm definitely 25-30lbs heavier than I was three years ago - a.k.a. not healthy. I'm tired of having a closet where half of the clothes don't really fit anymore. I've also been so tired for the last few months, and I've had a few health problems pop up in the last year.

Workouts: I'm doing Crossfit Endurance workouts now, training for a half marathon in July. I've been crossfitting for a few years, but then basically took a year and a half off because of all the marriage/health drama. I started CrossFit workouts again last August/September, then had to take 3 weeks off in March after a surgery. My first day back working out I ran a 5K, and it was horrible - my time was something like 41 minutes. (I had never run an official 5K before, but I've always run 10-minute miles, and I used to run 12 miles 3x a week during law school. I have no idea why I used to run so much, but I think it was partly to clear my mind after all of the legal talk and stress.) After two weeks of working out, I ran another 5K at a vineyard here - the vineyard is at the top of a huge hill, and the course was in and out of the vines...on the hill, on the incline, up and down...and the last half mile up the steep road to the vineyard. I was feeling fine until mile 2, and then the last half mile uphill took me over 15 minutes. (I'm pretty sure I was close to passing out. It was way hotter than expected, really sunny, and I was not at all prepared to run hills.) My time was horrible and I was one of the last to finish. Kind of an eye-opener, I mean I knew I was not in good shape but I didn't think I would be one of the last to finish!

Goals: break bad habits (sugar), lift heavier, run faster, run half marathon in 2 hours (or as close to it as possible)

My problems:

-skipping meals (I usually workout at 9pm, and I don't like eating at 7pm when I get home from work)

-breakfast (I really don't like eggs)

-cooking (while I love baking, I don't get along with cooking very well - I've always just made really really plain dishes that don't taste very good, and I don't feel like I have energy to cook on weeknights)

-routine (I tend to eat the same things, over and over - I know this isn't ideal, but I just don't have energy or skills to cook a few different breakfasts or dinners a week)

-not eating enough (I've followed the Zone before, and while there aren't target intakes for Whole30, just looking at the below lists it seems to me that I'm just not eating enough)

-veggies - I do not eat enough of them, as you'll see below

Here's my info for the last few days:

April 23:

breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs, some raspberries, a few almonds

lunch - chicken salad with paleo ranch dressing

snack - almonds and baby carrots

dinner - I can't exactly remember, I think some chicken over lettuce

April 24:

breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs, some almonds, banana

lunch - turkey & veggies

snack - almonds and baby carrots

dinner - i think i skipped dinner :(

April 25:

breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs, some almonds

lunch - sundried tomato chicken salad (with some tomato, onion)

snack - carrots

dinner - a few pieces of turkey, some almonds

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The good news is you've come to the right place for support and info. I found that one of the keys to being successful through a Whole30 was reading everything I could. It helped keep me focused. Focus creates purpose. Purpose fuels motivation. Motivation moves us towards our goals. Win, win, win...

Breakfast can be just like any other meal. I've recently found a recipe for meat and spinach muffins that is AWESOME! I've made 3 batches now and each one is better than the one before. They freeze really well. They're portable. and their delicious. http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/02/14/vday-gift-for-you-meat-spinach-muffins/ (There are MANY, MANY recipes on this site. And tons of honesty and motivation. I LOVE Melicious!)

If you haven't spent time on the Whole 9 blog, I suggest you do so. It is the single best resource available!

As far as eating things over and over, I think that works for many of us. Some are more adventurous when it comes to cooking. I am more of a "prepare a few things ahead of time and put them all together and call it a meal" kinda gal. Every so often I make a point of learning one new recipe. Then I'll add that to my favorites for a little variety. I say do what works for you!

Best wishes!

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Thanks! I've made the egg omelet "muffins" before, but...still didn't love the egg part. I'll try these meat/spinach ones. I got some of the Applegate farms sausages last night, but honestly, I'm too lazy and rushed in the morning to put one on the skillet in the mornings :\

I just ate my lunch and I'm hungry again...or maybe it's mainly because of boredom. I'm going to snack on a few of the almonds I brought and hope the fat helps. I've been sleeping really hard this week, but every morning it's so hard to wake up and get out of bed because I'm still so tired. I think I've been yawning less in general though...not sure that that means. I feel a little less foggy today. I'm wearing a pencil skirt I haven't worn in a few weeks, and I think it is fitting a little better than last time at least. (Last time I had barely been working out though.)


April 26:

breakfast - 2 eggs, a few strawberries and grapes

lunch - beef with a tomato-based sauce and some veggies

snack - carrots

dinner - salmon (didn't have any veggies except sweet potato and it was already 9pm, why do they take so long?!)

April 27:

breakfast - a few slices of turkey, some blueberries

lunch - beef and cauliflower and squash

snack (later) - almonds and carrots

dinner - will be after the gym so probably one of my pre-made paleo meals - meatballs over swiss chard

I think I need to be getting in more veggies?

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April 28:

breakfast - turkey slices, some blueberries

lunch - big salad with chicken and avacado and spinach

dinner - wasn't really hungry, so just had some fruit to snack on

April 29:

breakfast - some blueberries (wasn't hungry)

lunch - grass-fed burger (no bun) wrapped in lettuce, with pickles

dinner - sweet potato (post wod), paleo meatballs, swiss chard, and piece of an orange

April 30:

breakfast - larabar (blueberry muffin flavor - it actually tasted more like bacon to me. weird?)

lunch - will probably be this paleo steak "wrap" (lettuce)

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April 30:

skipped dinner :\ but did have a snack (some fruit and almonds) after work/before working out

May 1:

breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs (I kind of have to force these down, I hate eggs, I need to prepare those spinach/meat breakfast muffins) and some blueberries

snack - banana

lunch - chicken and cabbage with ginger, garlic, scallions, veggies

I'm feeling better than last week, and I've actually been waking up before my alarm clock goes off - sooo weird for me. I've felt a little stronger during workouts, but not sure if that's a result of paleo or actually consistently working out for the last few weeks, probably both. My sprinting (which is still super slow) is a little faster than before, I think, and my treadmill runs...6.0mph seems a little slow to me now, my body wants to run a little faster than that. Still have a long way to go though...

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May 1:

afternoon snack - some almonds and turkey slices

dinner (after workout, late) - paleo chili (made with spaghetti squash), and a date (actually only one)

workout was not so great. when i was leaving for the gym i felt like i should have been taking a rest day instead. i didn't listen, pushed through the workout, but really should have listened and rested instead. will be taking a rest day today (and shopping instead).

May 2:

breakfast - hardboiled egg (only one, couldn't eat the rest), a few turkey slices, blueberries

snack - banana

lunch - will be a salad with some chicken and olives and olive oil for dressing

snack - almonds

dinner - planning to make this delicious looking stuffed acorn squash

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updating because i just realized something!

so, i've had this chronic post nasal drip for the last probably...8ish years, it started in college. it's been a daily thing. i've had allergy testing (not really allergic to anything) and then put on a steroid (i think it was a steroid) for a sinus infection (and had to stop taking it after 2 weeks because i could not keep any food down, at all). then a few months ago another doctor told me i have a slightly deviated septum that could be contributing and that i should see an ENT (but i haven't yet). it's usually so bad that i feel like stuff is constantly crawling/dripping down the back of my throat, and i cough and clear my throat a lot because of it - gross, i know.

before starting whole30, i hadn't been eating dairy for a while except for a few random times, so it didn't really seem like dairy affected it. anyway, i just noticed today that it seems/feels better than it used to. i can still tell that it's there, but it's not AS annoying as before, and i realized that i haven't noticed the post nasal drip grossness in a few days. usually i can tell it's there but i just kind of ignore it because i'm used to it. just that i haven't been super annoyed by it in days seems like a possible success!

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the stuffed acorn squash recipe from above was pretty good...sooo much food too. i couldn't find cranberries, so chopped up some cherries instead, and didn't have any pecans...i think it would have been even better with cranberries and pecans, next time! there was so much of the beef mix that didn't fit inside the acorn squash cup, i saved it and had some for breakfast this morning.

also snacked on a larabar yesterday while shopping since dinner was so late.


breakfast - beef/apple/onion mix from last night, some blueberries

snack - banana

lunch - sundried tomato chicken salad

pretty tired yesterday, took the day off from the gym. still tired today :\

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Ok, I decided I'm re-starting Whole30, this time without fruit because I think it's causing sugar/chocolate cravings. I also noticed a few vitamin supplements I was taking are not really compliant...so will be posting here again starting tomorrow, a new start!

I'm not eating poorly today, just had a banana this morning and I want to re-start completely clean.

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Can we have fruits in whole 30?

Yes, but I've read some threads where people limit them because they can sort of cause sugar cravings, and, it's easy to over-eat fruit. I'm limiting it because I definitely have a sugar/chocolate addiction and I don't need that extra temptation/possibility of setting off cravings. Once I started eating larabars around maybe day 8, the sugar cravings kind of kicked in..I liked having a larabar in my purse in case of an emergency, but basically, if one was in there, I would eat it. No more!

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