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4 Days in


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I quietly committed and dove into the program four days ago.  For many months I have been gaining weight and have picked up some other energy, depression and skin issues along the way. So, this is the beginning of putting on the brakes with sugar and wine.

I bought the book, arranged my meals and four days in I am already feeling lighter.

Had my first challenge with a social situation last night when friends arrived with all the usual suspects in hand. Corn chips, cheese dip, and cake. At first I was mad, then depressed, then I was contemplating having...just a little. Then, as I had been reading the program that afternoon, I remembered that I had choices of my own in the fridge.


I added a bowl of strawberries and some almond butter for dipping to the table of treats and was then able to join in without looking like an angry freak. Very bravely I passed on the cake and asked my friends to take the leftovers home. They were happy to comply.


Woke up this morning with another head ache. Hope this passes soon.




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Good for you for passing up the cake and other unhealthy items!


For the headache, sometimes people do get headaches early in their W30, but if you want us to take a look and see if there's anything that you could tweak, list a couple of days' worth of food, including approximate serving sizes, plus water intake and sleep and anything else you feel like might be relevant.


In general, things people often run into early in a Whole30 is not eating enough in general, not eating at least one serving of starchy vegetables each day, not drinking enough water, or not salting their food. Any of these could contribute to headaches. 

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