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Protein aversion - hormone related?


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Hello ladies... 

I am looking at some input and to see if anyone else has experienced this.  A little background first...

I have done one Whole 30, let the sugar dragon back in my life, tried a second time and, for a variety of reasons, only made it a few days.  What I found was that when I got to a certain time in the program, I started to have a serious protein aversion - I didn't even want to LOOK at a piece of chicken, steak etc.  At first I thought that I was just "tired" of this type of eating.  Then I started to think... When I was pregnant many years ago, I felt the same exact way... couldn't look at, prepare or think about protein.  That got me to thinking... maybe it's NOT that I am just "tired" of eating this way, but perhaps there is a cyclic, hormonal reason that I am experiencing this.  


Has anyone gone thru this or have any insight? 


(Another piece of info...   I do not have periods. I have an IUD and therefore do not have a normal cycle to track this with).  Also, I am almost 40)


Thank in advance...

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Women with an iud still ovulate (and since you no longer bleed, I'm assuming you're on Mirena), which means you still have some hormonal swings throughout your cycle even if you don't bleed. And, since the time between ovulation and your period is when the body wants to prep for a potential pregnancy, your body wants quick energy and NOW! Thus, we have the carb cravings leading up to our periods. Once the period starts, your body realizes it's not pregnant and the need for quick energy subsides.

Recognize this. It's not a lack of will power. It's instinct. The solution? Increase your consumption of starchy carbs, compliant ones.

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Are you positive you aren't pregnant? I have a friend who managed to get pregnant around an IUD and carry to term twice (her other unexpected pregnancy was on the shot, and she has one planned kid for a total of 4).


EDIT: she was on Mirena and got pregnant around it twice, which @Karen mentioned she thinks you're on...

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