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Bri's Whole30


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I'm really excited to get started.. I'm also really nervous. I've been a quitter since I could remember. Things came easily to me as a child, and being the youngest sibling, I was given a lot by my parents. Because of that, I think I never really learned how to keep going when something is hard. I have an entire folder of Before photo's on my computer. I've started a million things a million times. I am tired of defeat! I am dedicating this round of Whole30 to my past self who never finished anything she started. I'm taking my time to prep, I've finished reading both Whole30 and ISWF. I'm READY to do this :) I'm going to try and budget where I can, but honestly, I'm just going to do whatever it takes. I went out and bought myself "fat pants" today because my previous ones got too small that I feel so subconscious when I wear them around people. I only spent $12 on them because I don't plan for them to be useful for very long.

I am starting on Wednesday, June 17th, but I wish it were tomorrow! I've been making a list of things that I want to track:


  • Left knee pain
  • Wrist pain
  • GERD
  • MAJOR Sugar dragon
  • Possible anemia? Always tired
  • Red skin on arms
  • Bumps on legs



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Day TWO! I am TIRED. Woke up easily and took the dog for a walk/jog (he's a little frenchie so won't run with me :/). Came home and cleaned leftover dishes and the kitchen, got dressed and suddenly hit a wall. Wasn't really hungry for breakfast, but forced myself to eat anyways- that is NOT typical for me. I LOVE breakfast. I don't think I'm a huge fan of the breakfast casserole I made, so I'm not as excited to eat breakfast as I usually am. I made enough for the next few days though, so I'll have to finish that out and figure out something new. It is really convenient to just warm it up and eat, but I'm a morning person and I actually enjoy cooking in the morning, so maybe I'll switch to that next week. I'm having a hard time finding inspiration for lunch and dinner. I made a few stuffed peppers last night and had one for dinner. It was alright... haha I think I'm just already over salsa. I need to make some other sauces or everything is going to begin to taste the same! 


Does anyone have an incentive their working towards to finish Whole30? Obviously NSV's and weight accomplishments are an amazing goal, but sometimes I just need something visual and tangible to work towards. I was thinking a new puppy, but my husband turned that one down haha so now I'm thinking maybe a bike! 

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I think a new bike is a great idea!!


Today is day 19 for me and I have been treating myself to a pedicure, manicure and other non-food rewards here and there.  For me, the biggest incentive that I am looking for right now is finishing the Whole30.  This is huge for me.  It will be a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Wishing you all the best in your healthy lifestyle journey!!




Michelle B)

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