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Day 11 - the bloat is gone!


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So I woke up on Day 11 to something somewhat miraculous -- "the bloat" was gone! You know what I mean, ladies... that "pooch" that sticks out in your lower abdomen and gives you that pregnant lady look. Now, I am a fairly thin girl to begin with, and whatever was down there wasn't fat -- it was just this unattractive bloated belly that was starting to make me think about needing new (bigger) pants. But this morning I woke up, and it was gone!

My first 10 days were a struggle -- a *big* struggle. Blazing headaches, no energy, hungry all the time. But after some advice from you lovely people on this forum and the moderators, I've tweaked my diet, and I woke up this morning feeling positively awesome for the first time in a long time.

Here's the list of awesomeness:

-My pants fit great

-I feel well-rested

-I'm dreaming again! All kinds of wild and wonderful dreams. It's almost fun to go to sleep at night and see what my brain will conjur up during the night.

-I don't *need* that cup of coffee (or 3) to get going in the morning -- in fact, the past 3 mornings, all I've had is a cup of tea!

-It's nearly 10 am and I still feel satiated from breakfast

-I'm happy and cheery -- and I'm *not* a morning person.

I'm hoping this lasts through the day -- and into the next days that follow -- but here's to (finally) feeling the turnaround after 10 hellish days!

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