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Day 4 update


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Day 4 here. I've already noticed the following:


Day 2-3 hangover wasn't as bad as I thought. I attribute this to the fact that I was feeling SO crappy before I started that anything would be better. I had very sore leg muscles days 2 - 3 and I don't know why.


Day 4 - leg muscles feel much better. I had a better sleep last night though difficulty falling asleep.


I've noticed:


Less phelghmy - attributed to no dairy. My sinuses feel clearer and I'm less stuffy and less coughy.


Steadier energy already - I have been tired overall, but no "crash" in the afternoon where I can barely keep my eyes open. I also looked at the clock all evening waiting for bed time. Now I'm not so exhausted that I can't make it.


Improved mood already - I feel more steady.


Hate-Hate with veggies and meat - still happening. Last night I was actually nauseous just thinking about having to eat them today.


What are your day 4 observations or any for that matter.

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So this "log" was a complete fail for me. I realized after that this should have been where I posted on a regular basis. 

Oh well. I managed. I'm on Day 30 today and very happy to be done. It's been a success for me as far as what I've learned and how things have changed for me. 


Excited to get to reintroduction!



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