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Focusing on small victories while on prednisone


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I am finished with my whole 30 and am short on time so will come back later to post about my experience. I had an allergic reaction last week to a one time med and am now on steroids and strong antihistamines which is making me feel much less than great. A little bluesy in fact :-(. I indulged in some sugary treats the first and second day post Whole 30 and on days 3,4, and 5 am back into whole 30 compliant eating with no desire to do anything different, it's a nice feeling. I am sad that I am not feeling 'GREAT' due to the steroids and am just hoping that 'this too shall pass' and once I am over the steroids my body will kick back into feeling good.

My small victory, that I am excited to share is that I have not had a diet coke in over 30 days and still am not even close to popping one and drinking it. Prior to whole 30 I was easily drinking 4 diet cokes a day with no end in site of ever quitting. I know they are the epitome of unhealthy and am so thankful to have them out of my life!

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