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First Whole30 -- complete!


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I'm about a week finished my from first Whole30 and wanted to post because reading these success stories helped me so much last month while I was trying to keep motivated. 



I'm down:

  • 10 pounds
  • 2.5" off my hips
  • 3" off my waist
  • 1/2" off my arms

The first couple weeks were really hard. I was incredibly congested the first week--allergies or a cold, I don't know. And then I felt tired for a while. The third week there were some nights that I had to take naps in the evening or went to bed at 8. And there were four nights in a row that I dreamed about ice cream. But somewhere in all of this, other things started to change, almost so slowly that I didn't realize it was happening. 


My mood was better. I was more optimistic and felt like this was something I really could do. I didn't get Tiger Blood, but my energy started to even out. My body wanted to move more, so I started walking, then jogging a little. I'm taking yoga 2-3 times a week. I find myself being much kinder to myself in my head. I feel like I'm treating myself with respect and love, and this mental shift has been huge. I can feel the "brakes" on my food and I'm listening to my body. 


I enjoyed the experience so much that I'm going to stay Whole30 as much as possible. 



My biggest tip for being successful is to 1) take time to do a big prep once a week, and 2) make sure you are stocked with things that you can grab or just assemble. A "naked" rotisserie chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, cut-up veggies, roasted veggies, washed greens, avocados and hardboiled eggs were my staples.


Other Findings

  • Ghee is crazy delicious and I may never go back to butter.
  • Scrambled eggs with coconut oil is A+. 
  • Coconut aminos are totally worth buying and I would use them instead of soy sauce anytime. 
  • I made mayo and never really used it. 
  • Pesto and zataar spice are a cure-all for bland fish, potatoes, veggies. 

Good luck with your Whole30 and thank you to everyone who participates in this community who helped me through mine without know you did!

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