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Brick Bars


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Yes, it was hard to see actual ingredients on the web site. Oh well. I am happy with Epic bars for emergencies. At first I thought they were weird but now I like them.

BTW, my local health food store sells dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice. Still very tart. Great to use in salads. I am assuming they are ok?

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I'll start with an intro.  My name is Buck.  My wife Michele and I are the Bricks folks.


I'll start by saying...It is so tough to find dried fruit that has not been sweetened!  

The Bricks Bars that are currently on Amazon and our website do have cranberries that are sweetened with organic evaporated cane sugar.


It took some time because we needed to first have the USDA approve our new labels but in a just few weeks we will be cooking and producing new bars.  Going forward, both of our current bars will include Cranberries that have been sweetened with organic apple juice.


I hope this is good news and you all give Bricks Bars a try.  

We take great pride in the integrity of our ingredients and great taste!  (in that order!)


If you ever have questions please reach out, our emails are [email protected] and [email protected]  



Live Clean,





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Thanks for the clarification Buck.


For whole30er just note that these bars are not compliant during the program at this time. Keep checking labels and give them a try in the future once evaporated cane sugar is removed from the ingredients.

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You might find this helpful, Buck.    It's recent as of June 4, 2015. 


"Going forward, we will no longer promote any dried-fruit-and-nut bars under our official Whole30 Approved program. The only bars to which we will lend our name and our logo are those with meat as a base (like Primal Pacs, Chomps, and Epic Bars), as those will never be mistaken for candy."

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2015/06/future/#sthash.q7kGXIpC.dpuf

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