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Schnauzy Log - The Real Test


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Wow..I made it...whole 30 days! Well 42 days if i didn't count the peanut oil cashew accidental slips and stuff.. I am relieved and nervous that it's over. Relieved because I can enjoy going out to eat (FTMP) w/ friends & family. Nervous because now it's the real test. The training wheels are off..total elimination is easier than allowing myself to have a bit of this and that. I started the w30 to get rid of my sugar cravings and this has subsided a good amount. Though, I was craving my mom's homemade bread today called "mantou" in chinese. It will be a challenge going forward but I'm determined to stay on track for good health..!! Anyway, here are my results that i've experienced throughout the program:


Non-Scale Victories: 


- Energy in the morning..not dragging myself out of bed anymore

- Eliminated my coffee addiction (I drink it when I feel like it but don't feel dependent on it anymore)

- More and consistent energy through the day

- Exercising 5 days a week (cardio for 40 minutes) 

- Reduced my sugar cravings (I still have it but it is reduced!) 

- Clothes fit better 

- Skin is clearer (no more visible pimples) and was told it "glows." 


Scale/Measurement Victories: 


Weight: -10.6 pounds 


Arm: -0.5 inches

Belly button area: -2 inches

Chest: -0.7 inches

Thigh: -0.6 inches

Calf: 0 

Forearm: -0.5 inches


I was in total shock when I found out i lost 10.6 lbs!!! May be some water weight..but feels so nice..I measured weird areas like my belly button area cause it was just on the whim..should have measured my waist and hip..ah well! 


My whole30 log: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/27026-schnauzy-diary-first-w30-hello/page-3


Day 31 (43)


I decided to reintroduce dairy today. I was not very prepared for this reintroduction phase...I had to reread this in the book. For some reason I thought once my w30 was over, i could start eating noncompliant foods again whenever. I am going to have some road bumps during this phase because I'm going to my grandma's birthday dinner on Thursday to a chinese restaurant. It is family style and I'm assuming all dishes will have some noncompliant ingredient like soy..Then, on Saturday I'm going out of town to my brother's graduation so I would be eating out for meal 2 and 3. In between, I plan to be w30 compliant. 

I will continue with my reintroduction after probably.. 


Meal 1: whole milk with stumptown cold brew coffee, sweet potato fries, 2 HB eggs

Workout: 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill

Meal 2: stir fry chicken, asparagus, zucchini, fruits incl. rasberries, grapes, apricot

Meal 3: stir fry chicken, cauliflower, cloud ear fungus, slice of cheddar cheese 


I was experiencing gas in my stomach today in the afternoon..I'm not sure if it's from dairy...


Day 32 (44)


I was feeling very nauseous last night but it has gone away overnight (phew..). It may or may not have been from the dairy. I'll test out dairy again later. 


Meal 1: spinach egg smoked salmon scramble, green jasmine tea 

Workout: 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill

Meal 2: shredded potato with ground pork marinara sauce and mushroom, rasberries, grapes, and small nectarine 

Meal 3: a little of salmon, egg, beef, and a lot of green bean and mushroom, sweet potato water with bits of sweet potato chunks 

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Day 33 (45) 


Since I was going to a chinese restaurant for my gma's dinner, i decided to reintroduce soy. 


Meal 1: sweet potato, 3 HB egg, date tea 

Meal 2: stir fry asparagus, green bean, zucchini with scallop and shrimp, soy sauce, grapes and rasberries

Meal 3 (dined out): pork with crispy skin topped w/ hoisin sauce, fish in soy sauce, sweet and sour pork, pigeon, various vegetables, etc. I also had a dessert that was taro in coconut milk and tapioca ..and of course sugar. I need to have a fine line with special occasions and casual events.. having trouble with that 


I don't think i ate enough for meal 2 because by the time dinner came, i was feeling extremely weak. 


Day 34 (46) 


Meal 1: sweet potato, 3 HB egg, green jasmine tea

Workout: 30 minute elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill

Meal 2: zoodles, mushroom, tomato with chicken red pepper sausage, grapes, rasberries, small plum

Meal 3: el pollo log 2 legs and 1 thigh with sauces, steamed broccoli (the one cup of broccoli was $3.99!! goodness..I had to go home and make some more veggies cause I was still hungry) , sauteed bok choy 


I went to the mall today to buy an outfit for my brother's graduation. I've been avoiding buying clothes b/c i want to slim down. I tried on some clothes today and the fit was just not right.. there's still a ways to go. Just gotta be patient. 


I am going out of town tomorrow and going to eat out for two meals. I will reintroduce grains.

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