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Whole 30: Low Histamine with Eggs and Nightshades Free Version


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Hello everyone,


I've just started whole 30 yesterday and I chose to do Low Histamine with eggs and nightshades free version to combat my allergies and eczema specifically. Is anyone else doing it as well? Its much harder than just the normal whole 30 for me, as it really does restrict every single thing that I'm so used to eating right when I wake up. Yesterday I almost walked into an ice cream shop, then realised I am not allowed to, which was really funny. 


So far feeling really tired! I am about to pass out on my laptop while writing this and its only 1pm  <_<


Anyway good luck to everyone and please let me know if anyone else has done or is doing the same as me! 



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Hi Temi, and welcome to Whole30!


We generally recommend that people undertaking their first Whole30 not restrict any further than that. The Whole30 is challenging and powerful enough without adding further restrictions, and even if you know you'd like to do AIP or low FODMAP or low histamine down the road, it provides a good foundation for going deeper.


It's entirely up to you, of course, but that's been our experience and recommendation. Best of luck!

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