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Today is Day 31!


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So I just completed Whole30 and I feel wonderful. I would advocate this plan to anyone. My nonscale victories were that I felt good the entire last two weeks on this plan so good that I am scared to ruin this feeling by adding in crap foods. I did go out with a bang last night though and had a piece of pizza and a couple glasses of wine. One glass of wine is enough for me now. I used to be a big socialite drinker and I don't think i'll really drink alcohol again like I used to. So far I don't feel too terrible today though. One very big nonscale victory for me was my monthly cramps nearly disappeared!! They were pretty severe and I would sit at home with a hot water bottle on my abdomen in pain. While I was on Whole30, I barely noticed them at all and this was without taking any pain relievers. I also had good scale victories. I weighed myself this morning and went from 162.8 pounds to 155 so a total of 7.8lbs lost. I have a relatively hard time losing weight so this was very nice. I plan to keep up this style of eating for most of the time and only indulge when its "worth it." I learned that I can make food that will rival anything I could get eating out. Some of my favorites were just halved boiled eggs with some smoked salmon on top and any other garnish you wanted to add to that, I also loved the Kahlua Pork and made it into tacos on romaine leaves with freshmade coleslaw and guacamole. Both of these will be eaten a lot at my house, probably weekly until the day I die. 


Wish anyone else reading this success and you can do this!

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