Whole 30 while fasting


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Hello everyone.

I hope someone can offer me some perspective. I am going to be fasting (for religious reasons) from next week for 30 days where I will only have a 5 hour window to eat- during the hours of 9:30pm-2:30am, and I want to start the whole 30 at the same time- the book arrived this morning, yay!

Is there anything I should do differently to keep me energised throughout the day? Anything I should be cautious of? Or a particular food group I should eat more of?

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you.

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This has been discussed a few times before here in the forum, try googling whole30 religious fasting to find past discussions. Here's one, as an example: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/25493-religious-fasting-while-staying-on-program/

You might be better off going ahead and starting whole30 now, especially if it's a big change from how you normally eat, so that you can get past the first few days, which tend to be the hardest, before you throw in the extra requirement of the fast.

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Thank you! Yeah I plan to start cutting down on Monday, and fasting begins on Thursday! I'm dreading it a little because my appetite has increased significantly since last year.. So my coach has advised me to cut down on eating before the actual fast begins. I do a lot of strength training so am feeling a little glum about losing some muscle mass!! (Can't win all the way, lol!) thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

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