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Melatonin while breastfeeding?

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I know this is off topic, but does anyone know if melatonin is safe while breastfeeding?

I looked online, on PubMed (a database of medical studies and peer reviewed articles), etc. and found very very little info about whether or not I can take melatonin while bfing. I called our pediatrician's office and the Lactation Consultant there said that while a little might get into the breastmilk it should be okay given my baby's age. My sister in law used to give melatonin to their autistic 3 year old, but that baby was a lot bigger than my 10 month old and there were serious sleep issues going on for her kid.

My main concern is that melatonin may interfere with the production of prolactin. The LC I talked to at our ped's office said she didn't see any evidence of that. Anyone have any experience with this?


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