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What to eat instead of rice or quinoa?

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I am a fairly healthy eater, but I want to do a strict "Whole 30" in support of my wife, who has already done it once and is ready to go again.


The biggest issue for me is that I cannot have rice or quinoa.


I have no large intestine, so I have to put a lot of thought into what I eat, or I'm running to the bathroom all day long.


Rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and whole-grain bread are staples of my diet because they help "bulk" the food in my body and slow down my digestion.


So, what are some substitutes that I can use while doing the Whole 30? 


I'm trying to imagine what I'm going to eat for a month. 


My wife survived on a lot of eggs and fruit, but that would be a disaster for me.


I'm envisioning tons of bananas, avocado, and roasted potatoes (potassium with a side of potassium), but there's got to be more good options than that.


Any ideas or suggestions?

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Would you be able to tolerate squash?

Roasted with compliant oil and spices

Butternut or winter squash spaghetti squash

Zucchini or seedless yellow squash or other veg

Radishes baby turnip Parsnip carrots

Rutabaga Jimca? Yams any potato

As long as they're cooked it may help

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I'm by no means a medical expert, but my understanding is that you need to be eating starchy veg (beets, all varieties of potatoes, turnips, pumpkins, parsnips, squash etc) but avoiding any seeds as these can be difficult to digest, as can the skins so tomatoes might be one to avoid although a sauce would work well to give flavour....

I'd probably also avoid cruciferous veg or eating too much of anything raw as these can be problematic for most folk anyways.

I'd imagine nuts & coconut will also be out for you, but for fats you've lots of options - avocado, home-made mayo/sauces, ghee, lard, bacon...

Fruit-wise the recommendation is for 1-2 pieces per day with or as part of a main meal - bananas would be fine here.


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