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Still Whole30 obsessed - June 15 Start of Whole60


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We're back for more!  After 2 weeks of debauchery (which included vacation) we are back and trying the Monday start date.  The Monday thing didn't help with my workout I think because I'm coming down with a cold and felt supremely drugged getting up (and I didn't even take anything last night!!)  Just very tired today and dragging.




Me - up 4.1 pounds to 149.9 - I thought it would be much, much more so I'm pleased about that.

Hubs - up 2 pounds to 173


I probably won't use this as a food log but more of a keeping tracker of progress.


My goals for this first 30:

  • Greatly reduce my fruit and nut intake - fruit maybe 1 a day and nuts only occasionally when I'm in a pickle
  • Reduce caffeine
  • Try better to work in pre and post WO bites
  • Increase exercise to at least an hour a day - in addition to my dvds, we have a gym/pool membership for the summer and we need to make sure we get every last cent squeezed out of it!!
  • Meditate and more yoga
  • Ease my kids into this with better kid friendly meals/snacks

I'll miss my daily emails but there is so much info/support online - instagram, FB and this website that I'm not worried.  

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Day 2

Getting a beat down with this cold which I really blame on my coming off plan for 2 weeks - ah well, you live, you learn.  No appetite but still sticking to the plan and not up for exercising.

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Week 2, Day 8! 


So I guess I'll be posting weekly.  First week went well - we had some awesome recipes, joined a local CSA and picked up the first share.


I know I've officially turned a corner when I (a) got excited about trying to figure out how to use the different produce we picked up at the CSA - never bought turnips or garlic snapes before - and looking forward to what is coming down the pike with that; and  (B) was excited to eat the foods we were preparing for Father's Day to bring to my in-laws.  Instead of thinking about everything I couldn't have (wine, chips/crackers and cheese etc) I was thinking OMG this (guac, ranch dressing & veggies) is going to be delicous!  It was another great non-scale victory.  


I've gotten my 2 sisters to buy the books and my family was discussing it yesterday.  I would love it if my parents joined in on the fun but they are rebelling hahaha.  It was really trying hard not to preach but man this is such a great way of life I almost can't help it.  


Another thing I've realized this weekend is that I'm much less mindless.  Usually I'd be picking at everything (especially when having wine) - the kid's snacks, etc. and mindlessly eating all day long and then feeling miserable at the end of the day.  I was present even while staying compliant, making sure I didn't overeat which is all too common when I go there for dinner!


My husband and I had a rare date night  - tried Chipotle's carnitas - really good! - and the mall which would normally would lead both of us into a full on binge including crepes and I said to him "remember when we would made a bee-line for those?"  - I know it's cliche but I don't ever want to go back to that mentality.  I don't long for crepes or any of that crap anymore.

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Week 3, Day 15!


Things are going really well.  It's amazing how I don't even really think about it anymore - it has simply become my life.  I've almost got my entire family on board with this and they will be starting after the 4th of July.  So excited to see some changes come to them as well!  


My thoughts for this week:


For the past several years I've had 2 goals for every summer (1) don't sit it out; and (2) get back on the horse (literally)


(1) Ever year I sat on the sidelines and watched my kids play in the pool with Daddy having a grand ol' time.  I'd get so disappointed that I let yet another year go by as a watcher.  I never wanted to be like that - lame mom who only watches but that's what I became.  This is the first year in so long that I'm in the game.  Since I work full time I haven't been to the pool a lot yet but the huge difference is that I'm not afraid of it - afraid to jump in and play.  Instead I feel incredibly proud and just mind blown with the progress so far.


(2) I love to ride and it's been way too long - I refused to feel like a slob in riding pants so it prevented me from getting on again.  Yes VANITY!!!  But I got there and got on Saturday for the first time in many, many years FINALLY fulfiling a dream/goal.  IT. FELT. GREAT.BOOM!


The final thought:  after a most delicious compliant crock pot balsamic roast beef, summer squash and smashed potato dinner and as I was literally licking my plate clean (yes, it was that good) I said to my hubby:  when was the last time (before Whole30) we sat and ate a home cooked meal that forced us to lick our plates clean?  We started ticking off the list of things we always made week by week based on our cravings and comfort issues - we thought back to how we felt and realized after the first or second bite of those foods we sort of got over it (cravings)  - I just don't recall ever having a reaction like "omg this is so delicious" just "ugg that was ok but now I feel like crap".


This is truly a game changer.  I feel that if I can change my game ANYONE can.  I was that in the bag when it came to food and how I "used" it.  

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