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US Gov't Dietary Guidelines - Updated for 2015!


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Hooray for progress! I'm glad that they've specifically removed the limits regarding cholesterol, but I'd really love for them to pay attention to things like the Framingham Heart Study which has shot a major hole in the lipid hypothesis for heart disease. Or just look at the current statistics for diet and heart disease. Americans ARE listening to public health recommendations and have reduced their consumption of saturated fat and yet our risk of heart disease continues to increase. We've also increased consumption of "healthy whole grains" and that isn't helping either. Surgeons have been dissecting and analyzing the fatty plagues removed during cardiac surgery and keep finding high amounts of polyunsaturated fats in them rather than saturated. Those all seems like pretty big red flags that our recommendations are potentially off-base. But anyways....


Here's to the ongoing unraveling of Mr. Kellogg's contributions to his pocket book the field of nutrition!

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