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Sweatin' for the dress


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So I am starting my log here! I purchased "It Starts with Food" about a month ago after finding it via Pinterest. It took me until the Labor Day weekend to read it! I dove right in the day I was back from vacation. Which was good for me b/c I needed that fresh start after indulging for a few days, and bad because I was not as prepared as I would have liked.

I ended up running to 4 different stores yesterday to get stuff just for dinner and lunch for yesterday and today! I learned my lesson there! Definitely going to plan a few days at a time to cut down on shopping trips!

Here was lunch today - some grilled chicken and onions. Homemade sweet potato fries with cinnamon and organic strawberries. Yum!


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I really need to start prepping in advance. I am going to spend this weekend looking up recipes and prepping for the week. I spent a couple hours tonight making dinner and food for tomorrow.

Here was my lovely dinner tonight! Sweet Potato fritters, a scrambled egg and green beans with sunflower seeds.


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Got my Whole30 daily today, and this was what showed up! So spot on!


I slept for TEN hours last night. Which would be great any other time - except when it make me an hour late for work!

It's good to know that this is normal though! I am definitely feeling tired, cranky and missing my old foods! I started longingly at a pudding cup in the work fridge this morning just wanting it's chocolatey goodness. but no! I don't want to start over at day 3 - so no pudding for me.

Breakfast was grapes and almonds, since I was in a rush. Lunch was sweet potato fritters and spaghetti squash with organic tomato sauce and some spices.


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