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Started today - 6/15 - Day One - almost done!

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Got through all my meals easily and they were delicious!  My husband isn't doing the Whole30 with me, but I cook my meals for both of us and he can add on if he wants.  He's pretty good about that sort of thing and he just added a potato and butter with supper.  And that's fine with me - I'm not cooking 2 meals for 2 people.  I do love to cook and am pretty good with creating interesting things as long as I read. my. labels.  !!


My big problem is smoking :(    I have a couple cigarettes left and am vowing NOT to buy more.  I've had enough of feeling crappy and I know the smoking and getting rid of wine on their own will make me feel better.  I'm really excited to feel the results when I'm done!  I have a friend with MS that is very interested in trying this as well - I know this can only help her!


So glad to be here!

Have a beautiful night!


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Hi Chris!  I hope everything is going well for you still.  I saw you had no replies so I just wanted to jump in and say hi.  I know that the support of my group has been essential to my success on this program and you can definitely find it here.  There are several posts with members who started on June 15 and if you look through some of the threads on the first page, I'm sure you'll find one with some amazing people  :)


My group started on June 1, and I actually started May 17, but had to restart due to an accidental ingestion of an off plan ingredient on May 31, soooooo new day 1 on June 1st.  I jumped on that thread and have been there since.  I know it might be a little discouraging not to have gotten any replies right away, but there is a lot of support here I promise you!


I intend to continue my W30 until July 15, so I will subscribe to this thread to check in.  Take care!

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