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Started Today! June 15


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Day 1 is in the books and so far so good! But hey...the book states that the first day is fine. 


I stocked up on Whole30 foods, made a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday and feel like I have lots of good food in my house to choose from. It's crazy, but today I ate like I imagine healthy people eat every day. 


The hardest thing for me is going to be breaking the habit of snacking. I graze a lot and have noticed today that when I walked into the kitchen to "find something" I just grabbed some LaCroix and went back to my day. 


It is fun reading the labels of every food on the shelf. I'm amazed at so many foods I had around my house that are "healthy" actually contained ingredients not allowed on Whole30. 


Looking forward to trying some new things like Ghee! 


Here's to another great day!

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I started today too! I'm glad that your first day went smoothly.


Ghee is really yummy. I cooked my frittata in it and it tasted great. It also comes in a bunch of flavors- I want to give Honey Ghee a shot after the challenge.


Here's to a great rest of the week.

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