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This is attempt #? after completing a W30 in August of....2013? In any case, I'm definitely finishing this one, and my sekret plan is to go til the end of July. 


So, it's day 16. Here are the meals for day 15, and so far today:



M1: fried eggs, compliant bacon, spinach, a little melon

M2 big burger w/homemade mayo on a bed of spinach w/olives and sweet potato. I was SO HUNGRY because I lifted weights in the morning

M3: homemade beefy marinara sauce on top of roasted red peppers. Sauce had celery, onion, cauliflower couscous. Green salad w/romaine and basil and cukes dressed with coarse salt and a little olive oil. Handful of kalamatas. 



M1: eggs & chorizo, 1/2 avo, cauli cous cous w/ghee

M2 tuna w/homemade mayo and raw veg: carrots, cuke + 1 avo and a handful of raw walnuts

M3:  leftover red sauce on sauteed cabbage and red peppers with roasted sweet potato on the side.


My goal for the second half is to up my veg by a lot. I'm eating spinach for breakfast but I'd like to add a second veg. 

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Guest Andria

 I was SO HUNGRY because I lifted weights in the morning


Where are your pre and post workout meals?  You are lifting weights, that is intense exercise, you should be, at minimum eating a post workout meal.  Depending on the timing of your exercise and your preceding meal, you may or may not need a pre workout meal.


pre wo meal: protein + fat eaten 15-75 minutes before workout

post wo meal:  lean protein +/- starchy carb eaten within 15-30 minutes of the workout


Your meal 1 could also be too light, depending on the number of eggs you ate. 

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I aim for 3 eggs if no other meat, 2 with a chicken sausage, or chorizo, or bacon etc. 


I agree I need a post wo meal. I eat breakfast within 1 hour BEFORE my normal water exercise, but this weighlifting is new and I was famished by 10am. I wasn't prepared for it, but it won't catch me like that again! 


i will prep some skinless chicken and sweet potato before my Friday morning lifting session!

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