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I haven't read the whole book yet, but I am uncertain as to the recommendation of starchy veggies? Should that be only Post Workout? I see some dinners with sweet potato etc? Aren't we supposed to limit starchies (tubers, winter squash)?


What is considered intese exercise to warrant a pre-post meal? I feel my training may be so 'lame' at the get go that I don't know if I deserve the extra meal and don't want to over consume.


I'm a "recovering" fitness competitor, so bear with me on the OCD, plz. :mellow:

You don't need to limit starchy vege at all - you need to some starches for energy, and women especially need them before their periods. The general recommendation is start with one fist size serving of starchy vege per day, and if you're feeling tired add more the next day until you hit your sweet spot :).


intensity is different for everyone, and again, you'll have to go by how you feel. If you feel wiped out the evening after or day after a work out, then you need to add in more carbs. If you feel fine and dandy, you're probably good.

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