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The crazy things people say


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Yeah, when I was paleo before I'd heard of the Whole30 (for those that don't know, the paleo diet has been around for more than 10 years - it's only been mainstream since the crossfit world got a hold of it!) I used to get really annoyed when people would make the assumption that just because I was paleo, I was into the caveman thing and that I ate paleo pancakes every morning. The true paleo diet, the way it was meant to be, is almost identical to Whole30. Of course, Melissa and Dallas have a MUCH better way of presenting and explaining it. I never gave anyone a copy of Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet or Ray Audette's Neaderthin, but I did give away two copies of ISWF over the holidays this year. ;)

But, just because you can google a paleo dessert doesn't mean that's indicative of the actual diet. To really understand any particular way of eating, you have to go to the source and unlike Whole30, there is no clear source for paleo. It's a mess, for sure. M&D own 'Whole30' so they can define it and control it. No one owns the word 'paleo' so it's a free-for-all. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I'd wished there was a clear cut definition of what I thought paleo should be that I could just point to when people asked me. Of course, now there is with Whole30. If anyone asks what the paleo diet is, I just tell them to come here. All other definitions pale in my mind.

So that's a long-winded answer to why I thought my friend's comment was so odd!

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Me (rocking a killer cold): Cough...cough...sneeze...sniffle...cough

Roommate: Oh! Here! Take a cough drop!

Me: Thanks, but I can't. W30 won't allow for slip-ups, regardless how small.

Roommate: But there's no sugar in it! It's a cough drop!

Before starting the W30, my boyfriend could down a tray of cookies at the alarming rate only equal to that of our Pit Bull, Wynnie, eating her dinner.

Boyfriend : So, I was making the marinade for dinner tonight and before I knew it I ate 3-4 figs and 2-3 dates. I read the forum...dates are called "sugar bombs". My stomach doesn't feel so great now.

I also agree with everyone...if I hear "Oh...so you're doing Adkins?" or "How much weight have you lost so far?" one more time, I might just let out a primal yell!

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I'm shocked by some of the facebook posts on the Whole30 page. Before committing to a diet, wouldn't you want to read all about it?

Someone on the diet posted, "I can have natural peanut butter and rice cakes, right?"

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After explaining the Whole30 to my friend, she said I must not be very healthy since I wasn't getting any calcium from milk. She told me that she drinks several glasses of CHOCOLATE milk per day, and that I should too. I just changed the subject.

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We received a snow blower as a wedding gift from my Mother.

Mother in Law:

Well, you know....

Our driveway is much longer,

and Ron has bad knees,

and we are abut to retire, SO

you should give us your snow blower, because your new wife needs the exercise.

Every time it snows she calls.

"You better not be using that snow blower, she needs to shovel the driveway!"

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Two days ago I went grocery shopping with someone who has a child in elementary school. In the car afterwards:

Me: "So, what did you end up getting?"

Her: "Just some basic things. Not really any vegetables this week, though. I'm prioritizing my workouts over eating healthy right now."

Me: O_O ... *silent*

She'd get defensive if I said anything to question that plan's validity.

Yesterday she was sick in bed all day (which happened once last week, and the week before...) and is still coughing up a storm. :(

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"Just some basic things. Not really any vegetables this week, though. I'm prioritizing my workouts over eating healthy right now."

If vegetables are not "basic things" I wonder what is! And working out while starving your body of much needed vitamins and mineral sounds like a failure waiting to happen!!

But then again, MANY people think that they can cancel out bad food by exercising... Yeah right.

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Ha, that's so strange. What does he think gluten is?

Another thing: Whenever I tell people I only get sick once or twice a year, they tell me know lucky I am. I don't know how much luck has to do with my immune system; I just take good care of myself!

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I try not to look at that page because it makes me angry every damn time.

It makes me angry/sad to see that pretty much everything touted as "healthy" are pushed by the corn/wheat lobby to ignorant/ill-informed government employees, and that everything related to health and nutrition is driven by profit before anything else.

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A co-worker who has severe central obesity, PCOS, and horrible mood-swings: "Wow, Suz! You look so good! Your pants are baggy you've lost so much weight! And your skin looks incredible. What are you doing to get that way?? I wanna lose weight!"

I went into the Whole30 and how much I love it, but then I said, "I respect that you're a vegetarian. You can actually modify your diet to make it a little more compliant without eating meat. You would have to give up grains and eat a lot of eggs."

Me, a couple days later: "I can't tell you how happy I am doing a Whole30. Have you given any thought to it? We can do it together!"

Her: "I'M NOT DOING YOUR STUPID MEAT DIET! And I think it's really boring to talk about weight all the time!!!"

Who brought up weight? She did. I just left it alone after that. However, I heard that she's been giving her own version of the Whole30 around my workplace and has gotten several people to think of me as kind of a food nut. Whatevs. I lead by quiet example now, as Melissa has suggested.

Another thing that bothers me is the people that are really worried that I'm depriving myself and that I can't sustain this kind of effort for long. Soon, they think, I'll binge on cream horns. I'm not saying I haven't slipped, but I've kept my weight off and inflammation down for the most part. I'm learning new things and getting better every week. I love my lifestyle, and that's what counts. :)

For the road: Mom: "So there aren't very many foods you can actually eat." Says the woman with only broccoli and spinach in her veggie repertoire. :blink:

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BACKGROUND TO COMMENTARY: Go into "common kitchen" at training facility that is sugar-laden filled with poundcake, donuts, instant mac and cheese, cup o'noodes, etc. (you get the picture.)

In cleaning up my food lifstyle as well as rebuilding my immune system due to my autoimmune disease, I have no choice to be 100% on board in everything that crosses my lips. This includes better awareness of things I never used to think about or did for environmental choices only. http://www.ehow.com/info_8446890_dangers-styrofoam-containers-hot-liquids.html

Slight soapbox moment: Here comes the styrofoam cup...(why anyone would ever purchase those to serve people based on the environmental impact alone is beyond me)

Actual Dialogue:

Me: [standing at sink, minding my own business, rinsing out my reusable/recyclable starbucks cup with hot water so that I can make green tea from a bag I brought with me.]

Owner of training facility (who appears to be <50 but moves very arthritically and sickly :( ): "You can use our cups too."

Me: Thanks so much. I'm good though. (not wanting to be too preachy and zipping my lip.)

Owner: What's wrong with our stuff here?

Me: I just would rather not drink hot beverages or really anything out of styrofoam.

Owner: Oh. Well, guess good for you... (shrugging like I have an issue.) :rolleyes:

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Went into an in-store cafe to treat myself to a black coffee. Was served it and then had the following conversation.

Server : Is that all or can I tempt you with one of our cakes or muffins.

Me: No thanks, that's fine.

Server : Oh, ok here then and puts shortbread type cookie on my saucer.

Me : No thanks, don't waste that. I won't be eating it.

Server : But it's free!

Me : (thinking to avoid an argument) It's ok I'm gluten free.

Server : Oh, no problem I can get you a gluten free one.

Me : (wishing I'd never brought it up) No thanks, honestly don't bother.

Server : Oh you people that stick to your new year's diet.

Me : I'm not actually on a diet.

Server : What! You're not on a diet and you still don't want this even though it's free??

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Co-worker - "I had a Panera sandwich the other day, it was great, you should go and get one'

Me - "Nah, I don't eat bread"

Co-worker - "What? No bread at all? In that case, the bakery down the street does awesome calzones!"

Me - "hmmmmm............thanks for the tip!"

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Friend (35 years old, 2 little kids, we go back a long time): My arthritis is getting really bad. My doctor said it's time for the big drugs now. They're risky, but they're supposed to work. I can't do anything when my arthritis is this bad.

Me: Have you considered diet changes to help reduce the inflammation?

Friend: I know that worked for you, but why do I need to let go of the foods that I love when there's a new medicine that I can try?

Me: Aren't you worried about side effects? I've seen the commercials for that drug, and they sound pretty harsh.

Friend: My doctor said they aren't that bad.

Me: Do you think diet changes could help?

Friend: I don't know. It's really hard to change your diet when you have a family. I don't have time to make one meal, let alone two.

Me: Can't you just cook one meal and have your family eat it? And isn't it really hard to miss out on things with your family when your arthritis is bad?

End of discussion.

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I'm enjoying this topic!

My contribution:

Today a young woman and I were talking about my W30 and her experience with a similar program, The Blood Sugar Solution. She said she felt great while on it but it was a problem because as she went off it she'd get sick after having processed foods.

I didn't ask her whether that might be telling her something important....

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Oooh, here's another one!

From very obese aquaintence (she's a nurse!) that won't eat anything unless it comes from a box upon hearing about the Whole30: "I worry that you have cut out too many things and you are going to get sick due to a lack of nutrition. Please, are you at least taking lots of supplements or something to make up for what you have cut out?"

My response: Here's what I had to eat today (long list of whole foods). Um, based on this list, what nutrients am I lacking? (What I should have said: care to compare my nutritional intake today to yours?)

Another friend's response: I'd love to hear your explanation of what nutritious foods are being excluded from this challenge and what supplements they should be replaced with...

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Oh man, I love this string! More laughter, horror, and drama than the Oscars.

I talked to one of my (obese) coworkers about what I was doing the other day, as he pulled out his "healthy" lunch of a box of Wheat Thins, flavored yogurt, and pretzels. It was so sad and ironic that he was telling me his "really healthy" roommate was pushing him to eat better and this was her approved food! And obviously she knows better because she's really skinny and works out 2+ hours a day.

Back in college (before I knew what a whole food was!) a friend came over and made these sugar-bomb rum-spiked smoothies. I was asking her what she put in them and she kept saying, "don't worry about it, they're low fat!" I tried to explain that a 300-calorie sugar bomb does not a healthy snack make, but she just kept repeating "low fat" until I gave up and had some wine instead.

My MIL at every family gathering: "Oh, you can have a little bit. Just one bite. It won't hurt anything ..."

And I picture the overweight, sick, zombie sugar army staggering to the chorus of, "Join us ... join us ..."

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Someone posted this on my gym's diet/exercise facebook page today (apparently originally from MSN.com)


1. “If I exercise enough I can eat what I want.â€


2. “I don't drink soda. Only juice, tea, and lemonade.â€

3. “I avoid potatoes because they're fattening.â€

4. “I never eat after 7 PM.â€

5. “I eat the organic chips, which are healthier.â€

6. “I already blew my diet and ate a piece of cake. Might as well eat the rest of it.â€

7. “No water for me today—I don't want to look bloated at the party tonight.â€

8. "I can't eat eggs, they're bad for me!"

9. "If I eat breakfast, I'll keep eating all day"

10. “I ate a triple hamburger and large shake today, but that never happens.â€

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