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Suggestions for bursts of energy


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I'm playing in a frisbee tournament this weekend, so about 4 games throughout the day. My endurance seems to be fine during a 3 hour practice. I'm using the meal template to get my protein, veggies and fat, and that seems to work with the pre and post meals. But where I notice issues is bursts of energy during the game when I'm sprinting. My muscles get tired sooner but are fine after resting

Any suggestions on other foods I should try to give me a bit more energy? I looked through a lot of the other posts on interval training and most suggestions are focused on carb dense vegetables. I plan to eat some sweet potatoes and canned tuna but wasn't sure if there was something else to try.

I appreciate the help

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You don't mention where you are in the program so I'm not sure if your energy levels are maybe effected because it's early on.

The best sources of energy are starchy vegetables as you've said. My instinct would be to suggest increasing your intake of starchy veg the day before the event & then pre-load with some fat & lean protein just as in a preWO meal before the event. Depending on where you are in the program your body should be able to switch from burning fat to carbs as necessary.

That said I'm not the expert in this area, and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will chime in!

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