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Edgymama's Success Story


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I made it, I did it, I honestly didn't think it was that hard! What?! Maybe I was just ready for this change, or maybe it was the fact all the olives and avocados kept my salt tooth happy (because I have more of a salt dragon than sugar dragon haha). Regardless I did it and here is my final report! I plan on continuing a whole30 style life and will continue to log here for as long as I see fit. My journey has just begun :)



What I didn't do great


  • I did get on scale a couple times, this just wasn't a deal breaker for me though as I just don't feel this drives my happiness if that makes sense? As in although I would like the scale to say a lower number I measure my success on lots of other factors such as how my clothes fit and how I feel.
  • I did eat I think 5 or 6 lara bars total, although I realized these could easily be a SWYPO for me I was happy I was able to identify that I would grab these because they were easy as opposed to me actually being hungry

What I rocked


  • Bar a couple meals, pretty much every meal I had fit the template!
  • I was able to eat out twice and keep it simple and compliant
  • I didn't even want to cry when turning down various sweets and other goodies
  • SLEEP! As soon as my head hit the pillow at night I was out
  • Handled some stressful times and not with food

What I learned

  • That my body can run really efficiently off three meals a day and rarely added snacks! IF I am fueling it properly!
  • LaCroix is my new pop!
  • I really enjoy having veggies with breakfast (ahem meal 1, thank you very much)
  • Discovering new healthy foods for me AND my family is really rewarding
  • Seeing my toddlers being more open to trying new foods is awesome (still a picky 5 year old but she actually put melon in her mouth which was huge!)
  • That I did lots of mindless eating prior to the Whole30, so many tastes, and licks, and bites that I became aware of once I started turning them down. 

Other Advantages

  • Skin clearer and glowy
  • Happier mood (even after some mega stressful things)
  • Sleeping like the dead
  • Waking up feeling refereshed
  • No more naps needed on the weekends (I was taking 3 to 4 hour naps easily once or twice a weekend previously)
  • Teeth and eyes both seem brighter
  • No more tummy issues (have IBS)
  • Clothes are getting looser
  • Cravings gone 
  • Oh and I am down 12 pounds ;)

Attached a pic of me day one and day 31, yes I know background and lighting are different and I am kind of smiling in second one but there is still no denying my face looks less puffy! 


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