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Yggy's Whole 30


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Good morning and Happy Friday!


Today is Day 0!


Today is prep and goal setting day!


My goals for the next 30 days:

  • stay within the Whole30 rules
  • sleep more than 7.5 hours every night
  • meditate at least 10min a day
  • Use my mobile phone only when standing straight against a wall - no more hunching!
  • exercise at least 30min a day, whether it is pilates, crossfit, running or walking
  • stretch out my calves daily to get more ankle flexibility
  • get into nature at least once a day for a walk or run barefoot on the grass
  • read a little every day

I am really excited to start :)

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Day 1 :)


Still excited :)


I went off trail today and ran 75min through fields, old tunnels, along railway tracks, uphill and raced my friend downhill - I love being outdoors and I feel free and happy when I leave the normal track!


I had a good brekkie before my run - but I forgot to eat within the hour and I also forgot to eat after the run :( I guess there is always room for improvement. Also my lunch was pretty late...


What is a good after run snack? I normally don't eat after exercise and I think I need to work on that.


Still have to tick off quite a few things on my to-do list for the day...

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Pre workout-- lots of people like eggs or other protein, and sometimes a few nuts or olives -- basically, protein and fat.


Post workout -- lean protein and carby veg -- sweet potato or other root veg, tuna or chicken breast. no fat. Don't do fruit though. 


Hope that helps~

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Thanks SpinSpin,


how come no fruit? I had an egg pre-run and a banana with some nuts after, then breakfast - what's bad about banana?


Day 2 :)


2 days in the row of trail running and I am smashed :lol: but had heaps of fun making my way through bushland and forest.


Making pork belly with potato and mixed veggies tonight, I do love hearty meals!


I got some beef heart and tongue in the freezer, does anyone have a great slow cooker recipe to share? Thanks :)

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No fruit post workout to keep your body from restoring your liver's glycogen. Basically, you are trying to become fat adapted -- burning fat during a workout as opposed to using glucose to fuel your workout. Keep your fruits with a meal, and have a lean protein (chicken is a favorite) and a starchy veg (like sweet potato or carrots) and avoid fat post workout. So no nuts either. If you are going to have nuts, have them before you work out. You don't want fat after, because it slows your digestion, and your muscles are not able to utilize your post workout meal as effectively or as quickly as needed.  Also, you only need just a few bites of protein and starchy veg, not a complete meal. 

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