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Day 13 - exhausted, no energy for workouts

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Hello everyone,


I'm on the verge of giving this up, so I thought I'd give the forums a shot first. I am on day 13 of my first whole 30 - I am constantly exhausted and have no energy, especially for workouts. I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as kickboxing, and my jiu jitsu has felt AWFUL since I started whole 30, not to mention I about passed out in the middle of a kickboxing session the other day. I am slow, sluggish, and all my muscles feel constantly like jello! I even get burning in my quads walking up the stairs - not normal at all for someone who is used to training jiu jitsu with people twice my size. I started whole 30 to 1) stop mindless eating (great changes there) and 2) feel stronger and faster for jiu jitsu. I expected this during the first week or so but still at day 13? What am I doing wrong!?


Here's my menu for today just as an example:


Breakfast: 2 eggs and an egg white scrambled with spinach and other veggies I have in the fridge, 2 slices of bacon, melon, and black coffee. Eggs and bacon were cooked in coconut oil and I had a handful of pecans for some extra fat.


Lunch: A salad made with lots of mixed greens, a fist and a half size portion of leftover grilled chicken, a whole avocado, random veggies and compliant dressing. Also had an apple.


Snack of some tuna salad and avocado. I know snacking isn't ideal but I'm always STARVING even if I eat huge meals.


Dinner: I plan on having steaks with steamed veggies and a sweet potato. Fat will be some homemade mayo with the steak and a bit of ghee on the sweet potato.


Today I didn't workout (too tired) so no pre or post workout food.  Usually my jiu jitsu classes are in the late afternoon/early evening, so I have a hardboiled egg and handful of nuts before I train, and have dinner immediately when I get home. So technically no post-workout meal - there just isn't enough time for both that and dinner before bed. I added in more fruit the past few days hoping that would help (two servings a day, experimenting with when to have it but always with a meal, never in between). 


Anyone have any advice? Sorry for the long post!!



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You are not eating enough. Your portion sizes are small. You would have to eat a bucket full of salad to get enough veggies in. By combining your post-workout meal and dinner, you are eliminating a bonus meal that you actually need. 


Begin eating lean protein at the gym before you come home. I eat a can of tuna or sardines myself. I find it easy to drive home and eat a full meal 30 minutes later. It seems like a can of tuna means nothing in just a few minutes after a workout. 


How much to eat
Study the meal planning template and adjust your portion sizes upwards to get to a place where you do not need to snack. Add more starchy veggies to your menu. Someone who trains hard often needs two servings of starchy veggies per day. Potatoes, plantains, parsnips, rutabagas, etc. Fruit never seems to offer as much energy as starchy veggies. 
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