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Surgery recovery, wound infection and re-starting W30

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So I have had a rough patch these last several months. Historically, I stay about 90-95% true to the plan and have had several mis- steps. I am not counting days as this is a life style change.

I had a hip replacment last month and developed a significant wound infection and had to go back in for another surgery(superficial, Thank God) and had to stay longer this time than with the replacement itself.

No way one could be compliant in the hospital for that long  AND the food is horribly unhealthy. So, as a result, I am bloated, slugglish and unhealthy-not to mention 4 days of 2 IV antibiotics round the clock. You can imagine what my stomach feels like.

Now I am home, on oral meds for another week or so.

I have learned several things this month-previously I have focused on the scale a bit too much. Having a joint replacement-it is pounds per square inch that trashes the joint-impact overall. And I want to perserve my other hip nad have this one last as long as I can.

BUT, being healthy, infection free, is TOP priority, as it should be. After these last several weeks, I am anemic and deconditioned.

I have a long road back to the athlete I used to be and I intend to get there.

Now, I have started to clean up the diet-real food to start. I need yogurt for the cultures and I take probiotics as well. Should help with the digestive issues. I am loading up on Vit C for wound healing. Increasing the protien as well.

I want to re-start a true W-whatever soon, but I dont want to stress the body too much right away. I paln to make better/good choices immediately and then tighten things up as I heal.

i understand bone broth is the way to go-I can look  up recipes for that. Anything else to add-oh wise ones?

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I've been very happy with the results of taking a probiotic called Prescript-Assist. It is expensive, but works really well. I take it whenever I have to be on antibiotics. Instead of eating yogurt for the natural probiotics, you could eat good, cold sauerkraut with live cultures like Bubbies or Farm Culture. 

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