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This is day 4


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As the title states...I started four days ago. Like most people I struggle with food, sweets in particular. I've tried diet after diet and had success, but only temporarily. Why does it have to be so freaking hard?! A lot of us have been down that road where you try and then quickly crash and burn. Recently I stumbled across a post by another person doing Whole30 on my favorite website Imgur. It peaked my interest so I looked into it and eventually read the book. That's when it really clicked that I have a sugar addiction. I feel that until I can break that habit I'll never be successful in getting to a happy healthy weigh.

I'm not looking to be some tight and toned super model (if others want to be that...it's cool too). I work in healthcare and I see the results every day of what bad health does to a person. Unfortunately with all the processed foods and drive through Windows out there it's an uphill battle that more and more people are losing. Food companies don't want us to be healthy. How else would they keep us eating their food with unnecessary junk in it?

That being said...I'm breaking my sugar habit. I'm also looking too see if there are any changes in sleep, mood, energy, and my skin.I'm learning to listen and figure out what is a craving and what is genuine hunger. It's been interesting so far.

Day one wasn't bad, but I felt the cravings all day. Day two was a constant headache...miserable. Day three had me super sleepy but I also haven't been sleeping well. Not sure if it's related or not. I've had to ode a lot since I started. I drank a lot of water before this so I know it's not the water. Maybe part of the detox process? One positive so far is I've noticed my meals keep me full for the most part. Which is really good. Meals before were pretty scrappy so soon after I would be hungry again and I'm in the snack cabinet.

So...here's to day five and hoping when those grumpy days they talk about show up I don't throat punch any one. :)

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